Admission in Turkey is a 2020 way to celebrate Thanksgiving

Due to the epidemic that is still raging, more people are staying home for Thanksgiving, celebrating in small groups and over Zoom, but they are also planning to break up. The restaurants took note.

“It’s still time to get together, in small groups only, or not at all, but we still enjoy this convenience of Thanksgiving,” Michelle Poteaux, owner of the Bastille restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia, told NBC News.

While Thanksgiving is usually slow to eat, takeaway Thanksgiving dinners are organized in U.S. restaurants for people celebrating in groups of two to four.

In the week before Thanksgiving, Poteaux had nearly 100 pre-orders at Thanksgiving, which cost $ 89 for two people and $ 169 for four people. The Bastille usually serves French cuisine, but Poteaux has prepared a special traditional American menu for Thanksgiving.

Takeaway options include pumpkin bisque, lettuce, turkey, mashed potatoes, fried vegetables and pies. For those who skip the traditional turkey, there is also an Angus beef option.

“It would be nice if people would stay home and not worry about cooking this year,” he said. “As for our dinner, we saw far fewer reservations. We are limited in what we can do as we adhere to our social distance requirements and cleansing protocols. “

Mike Baran, owner of Parky’s Smokehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, told NBC News that his restaurant has been offering turkeys made for Thanksgiving for 12 years, but also for smaller birds this year because of Covid-19.

“We sold more whole smoked turkeys this year than last year,” Baran told NBC News.

Katie Trovitch in St. Louis, Missouri celebrates Thanksgiving at home with her husband, Chris, and their 7-month-old daughter. While Trovitch said she wants her daughter to be able to spend her first Thanksgiving in Arizona with their extended family, she wants a responsible and safe choice.

He canceled their plane tickets and instead picked up a “take and bake” meal at one of his favorite local restaurants, Olive + Oak in Webster Groves, Missouri.

For $ 60, the meal feeds two people and offers all the traditional Thanksgiving prizes, without the time spent cooking and cleaning.

“This year we choose a Thanksgiving meal because it will be much easier than making an entire feast for just two people and because it is an opportunity to support one of our favorite local restaurants in an effort to keep their talented staff inside with food restrictions in place.” Trovitch told NBC News. “Also, it’s hard to refuse a Thanksgiving day prepared by a professional chef. It will certainly be much finer than I could make.

In Boston, Shevaun Betzler and her husband said they would stay home and order something else to take away from the turkey and mashed potatoes.

“There will only be two of us in our apartment in Boston, and neither of us will have the heart for the traditional Thanksgiving prize. We would much rather support our local restaurants, ”Betzler said. “The patio season lives here for a short time in New England, and it’s sad to see that our favorite places are struggling to stop the season as Covid-19 cases and understandably concerns about indoor dining rise again.”

Tracy Smith, of Tuckerton, New Jersey, is planning a smaller gathering with her extended family this year. As the year was unusual, he decided it was time to change family traditions and add something else.

“We’re a tight family,” he said. “But there’s always too much leftover in the end. We’d rather go out on the cheese board.