After Giuliani’s visit, Michigan House said it received nearly 30 positive results for Covid this year

Nearly 30 staff and members of the Michigan House of Representatives became infected with the coronavirus this year, the Speaker’s Office said Wednesday, a week after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani made an unmasked confession in the chamber and three days after it was announced a positive result Covidra -19.

About eight MPs and 21 employees reported that the virus test had been positive so far, said Gideon D’Assandro, communications director and spokesman for Michigan’s house president. D’Assandro does not detail the timing of the infections and it is not clear how many have been positive in recent days.

Linda Vail, a health officer in Ingham County, Lansing, said Giuliani was most likely contagious during her testimony and participants in the meeting would have to be quarantined according to NBC’s affiliated WDIV.

Following an employee complaint, an investigation was launched against the Michigan House of Representatives for “possible workplace violations,” the WDIV reported Tuesday.

On December 2, Giuliani testified before the Michigan Chamber of unjustified election fraud, just days before President Donald Trump announced that the former mayor had given a positive result to Covid-19. Giuliani has since been hospitalized.

The 76-year-old lawyer toured the country and defended unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud in the presidential election.

He appeared in many public places without a face mask.

Giuliani’s son tweeted on Tuesday that his father had “improved significantly in the last 48 hours” and the former mayor’s Twitter account has remained active since his diagnosis.