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Alabama Tornadoes: Lee County is facing a long recovery after turning to a deadly tickling tribe

His family barely had time to get to his mother's brick house from their mobile home when the first alarm sounded through the television, warning the 70 mph wind, Wilson told CNN Chris Cuomo.

"We can do that," he said, thinking. "We were through Hurricanes, we were on strong edges."

The tornado at Lee County, Alabama, was actually wearing a 170 mph. It was almost a mile and it was 65 miles and 23 people were killed.

"We have lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends," said Alabama Gov on Monday. Kay Ivey.

After the tornadoes, Alabama is now facing freezing

The deadly tramp was upgraded to an EF-4 tornado on Monday, while the small county remained in a position adjacent to Georgia.

The way of the destruction looked like someone would have blade and only got the ground, ”said Sheray Jay Jones on Monday.

And it wasn't the only tornado to hit the ground. Two EF-1 hit the area, one in the counties of Lee and Macon and one in the south of Barbour. Tornadoes are measured on the Enhanced Fujita scale, which has been named the weather researcher based on intensity and damage from 0 to 5.

"This is the worst natural disaster ever in Lee County," said County Director EMA Kathryn Carson, a subsidiary of CNN. "Most of us don't remember anything that has ever lost life and would cause injury to our citizens."

The story of survival

After seconds, Wilson saw the first warning Sunday, the electricity went out. He grabbed his mother's portable oxygen tank and closed himself with his family in the bathroom.

"I heard the rapids approach," he said. "The moment we (we) heard that the house was broken … seconds later, everything started to press us."

"We all descended, we were like the domino side by side. My son was on top and said," Mom, I don't want to die, I don't want to die. "

All in all, Wilson didn't see anything but the debris as the wind passed through the home.

The destructive tornadoes in Dixie Alley carve deadly charges

Another survivor told CNN that his friend was suffering from broken bones and stabbing wounds when he tightened the couch while the wind grabbed their homes.

Ivey extended the state of emergency for tornadoes and severe weather last month and asked for a federal major disaster statement.

The rescue efforts continue on Tuesday. The crew was looking for destroyed homes and debris in the most affected areas. The deadly victims may rise after retrieving each area, according to Jones Sheriff, according to the WSFA.
The expensive little man & # 39; and & # 39; constantly happy & # 39; he was one of the young victims of Alabama tornado
About a dozen volunteers from Louisiana Cajun's Navy traveled to Alabama on Monday to help with their recovery efforts, according to CNN's subsidiary.
We see a rather bad devastation, said Jon Bridgers, a member of the local citizens' organization, the WAFB.

The killed include children – including a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old – and adults. It is still not known how many people were injured, but more than 70 people were treated in nearby hospitals. At the Birmingham Hospital, a spokesman for the University of Alabama said that patients admitted that they were in serious and decent conditions.

Damage to Georgia

The tornado destroyed more than 15 structures in neighboring Talbott, Georgia, including several flats and a residential building.

Vinton Copeland, pastor of the Talbotton Powell Baptist Church, told CNN that they were not waiting for a tornado.

"Complete apartments disappeared and injured. We have a shelter for those involved in the county high school. It's destructive and the houses are gone and there are tram lines that have been destroyed. Hard time," he said.

Georgia, Brian Kemp, Grim, in the southern part of Grady, Harris and Talbot County declared an emergency.

He said that almost two dozen homes were completely destroyed, up to 40 homes were in some sort of damage, and some businesses were destroyed. Georgia's Emergency Management Director Homer Bryson works with local officials to restore the power of some 3,000 people in the region.

To advance

"It's just unreal," Wilson said, still incredulous. Your life and the little Alabama community will never be the same.

"This is not something I and my family would have imagined in a million years. Not our area, not our community."

Lee County is a rural, closely connected community. The county has more than 160,000 inhabitants, nearly 22% of whom live below the poverty line.

"The community needs a lot of help for growth and recovery, we have lost our family members … we lost our friends, all my neighbors around me, a lot of work," he said. – I just hope we can get there.

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