Alexei Navalny: Alexander Murakhovsky, former chief physician of the Russian hospital treating Navalny, disappears

Alexander Murahovsky is the current regional health minister in the Omsk region – who was promoted last November – after managing Navalny’s hospital care at the Omsk Emergency Hospital.

Omsk local police told TASS they had disappeared from Murahovsky on Saturday after leaving a hunting base in a forest on an SUV on Friday and had not been seen since.

According to a statement issued by the Omsk Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, which did not disclose Murahovsky’s name, police were looking for a man who had disappeared in the Bolsukovsky district of the Omsk region:

“On May 8, 2021, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in charge of the Omsk region received a message that in the village of Pospelovo in the Bolsheukovsky district, an Omsk resident, born in 1971, had left the hunting base on an ATV. Forest. they made independent attempts to find the man, after which the case was reported to the police, “the statement said.

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According to the communication, search and rescue efforts are underway involving emergency services, the police, the national guard, hunting inspectors and volunteers:

“Searches are significantly complicated by the difficult terrain, the presence of wetlands,” the statement added.

TASS reported to the local police that an unmanned SUV had been found and a helicopter and drone were involved in the search:

“Off-road techniques were used to study the impassable, swampy areas of the terrain. Helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles are involved. As a result of the search, a missing ATV was found 6.5 km from the hunting base. Search activities continue,” TASS said. one source in the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region.

Murakhovsky was the chief physician of Omsk Emergency Hospital No. 1 when Navalny was admitted to the hospital’s acute toxic unit on August 20 after falling ill on a plane from Siberia to Moscow. The plane made a forced landing in Omsk.

Murakhovsky held several press conferences at the time of Navalny’s hospitalization, and told the media that the Kremlin critic’s “main operational diagnosis” was “a metabolic disorder that caused a sudden drop in blood sugar levels.”

When Murakhovsky was promoted to Omsk regional health minister in November 2020, Navalny ridiculed the move he made on social media and then said, “You’re lying, fake test results, you’re always ready to please the bosses. Promotion.”

In February 2021, Sergei Maximisin, who was deputy chief physician of the Siberian hospital where Navalny was treated, died “suddenly” at the age of 55. As the hospital’s anesthesiologist and deputy chief physician responsible for resuscitation, he was one of the oldest physicians in the hospital.

Leonid Volkov, Chief of Staff of Navalny at the time, confirmed that Maximishin was on his visit to Omsk Hospital to treat the opposition leader – more precisely, with his medically induced coma.

Navalny went into a medically induced coma and was eventually fled to the German capital, Berlin, where he spent five months poisoning after being exposed to military-level Novichok neurotoxin.

Rustam Agishev – another senior doctor who worked at No. 1 Emergency Hospital in Omsk, also died in March this year. According to a statement issued by the hospital at the time, Agisev, 63, had a stroke last December and did not recover. It is not clear whether Agisev had anything to do with Navalny’s treatment.