Alexei Navalny has been placed in a penal colony, according to the Russian prison service

The exact location and name of the penitentiary was not revealed, but Alexander Kalashnikov, of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), told reporters: “.

Kalashnikov added, Navalny will be held “under completely normal conditions”.

Alexey Navalny remains in prison as the court dismisses his appeal.  He was then fined $ 11,500 in a defamation case

On Thursday, Navalny’s lawyers told CNN they had moved from Moscow’s Matroskaya Tisina prison, but Navalnyich’s team or family had not been given details of where they had moved.

Marina Litvinovich of the Moscow State Monitoring Committee (ONK), which monitors the treatment of prisoners, told CNN that Navalny should be sent to a “general regime” penitentiary, Russia’s most common type of prison.

According to Litvinovich, prisoners are not usually kept in cells but sleep in dormitories and divided into groups. He added prisoners could work if they so chose.

The Russian authorities have classified Navalny as a flight risk, which the activist has ridiculed, so Litvinovich said they could be subject to special surveillance or search.