Alexis Sharkey, a Pennsylvania-born and Instagram influencer found dead in Houston, said he was afraid for his safety, says boyfriend

HOUSTON (WPVI) – A Pennsylvania native and Instagram influencer found dead in Texas last weekend told his friends he was afraid for his safety before he died, one friend claims.

The body of 26-year-old Alexis Sharkey was discovered on the side of a Houston road Saturday morning. His friends told 6abc’s sister station, KTRK, that Sharkey mentioned his fears on a trip about a month ago.

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“He trusted me that night … petrified,” a friend of mine said. – This girl is afraid for her life.

Sharkey’s friends and mother, Stacey Robinault, who lives in northwestern Pennsylvania, told the KTRK they thought Sharkey had been killed.

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“I think they killed him. Yeah. From what I could gather, as well as from a mother’s gut,” Robinault said.

His loved ones described him as a selfless, kind soul who helps anyone.

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“Literally everyone had a friend,” a friend said. – He’s such a good man.

Sharkey moved to Houston earlier this year with her husband. When a KTRK journalist spoke to him on Monday, he sounded nervous. He said he had done everything he could to find his wife and asked that they never look for him again before they hung up.

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Now that his family and friends are preparing for his funeral, they continue to look for answers.

“I don’t know why,” Robinault said. “The awful nature of his last moments for sure … I don’t know. I can’t even go there.”

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