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Alleged Russian spy arrested in Stockholm: NPR

The Swedish flag. On Tuesday night, Swedish law enforcement arrested a suspect in intelligence in Russia.

Harry Engels / Getty Images

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Harry Engels / Getty Images

The Swedish flag. On Tuesday night, Swedish law enforcement arrested a suspect in intelligence in Russia.

Harry Engels / Getty Images

The Swedish authorities arrested a person for suspicion of a Russian agent.

The person whose name has not been disclosed has been providing information to Russia since 2017, says the Swedish Security Service. He worked in a high-tech sector "with the tasks known to our service to be the type of intelligence sought by foreign powers," the agency said.

Swedish security police officers arrested the suspect on Tuesday night in the middle of a meeting in Stockholm.

"This individual suspects that a Russian intelligence officer who has worked in Sweden as a diplomat has been appointed as an agent," said Daniel Stenling, Swedish Security Service counter-attack leader.

The agency is conducting a criminal investigation into a case led by a national security attorney.

Stenling described the threat to Sweden as "more than a year old".

Thanks to the development of technology, state actors have used more sophisticated approaches to intelligence in cyberspace, he said. "At the same time, the more traditional intelligence approach used by agents to collect information is still in use," he said. "This combination allows public actors to expand and deepen the collection of classified information."

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not comment on the arrest but turned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Swedish Embassy has not published any comments.

Videos that allegedly show that the suspect was taken out of a restaurant, according to the BBC, they turned to the Swedish media. A witness said the officers had entered the restaurant and surrounded a table where two people were eating. The second person was detained and later released for diplomatic immunity.

Arrest comes when the Scandinavian nation is dealing with recent tensions with Russia. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently invited Russia's ambassador to Sweden and asked for an explanation for a Russian fighter plane flying from a Swedish plane within 20 meters.

After Russia joined Crimea and Ukrainian aggression, Sweden approved a plan for the return of military weapons. He co-operated with NATO in a cooperative military practice, despite the fact that the Alliance was neutral, the NPR Colin Dwyer announced last year.

Sweden was considering joining NATO and causing the Kremlin's fear of unwanted expansion. Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defense said that if Sweden and Finland were to become members of NATO, Moscow would respond.

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