Alyssa Milano expands olive branch to Trump supporters after months of insult

After condemning President Trump and his administration for several months, Alyssa Milano says she is spreading an “oil branch” to her supporters.

A left-leaning activist and actress who voiced excessive support for President-elect Joe Biden until the 2020 election appeared on Twitter with a peace offer.

“I want to extend an oil branch to Trump’s supporters. I’m ready to move #ForwardTogether.” “- the” Charmed “alum tweeted 3.7 million followers.

“There is so much work to heal the nation. Let’s be part of the solution and don’t add to the problems we face. My comments are open. Please reply with #ForwardTogether,” he added with a heartbeat.

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Milano said in a post-tweet that Americans “will need a lot of humility and compassion now. Anger and triumph are less useful.”

It’s a drastic change for the actress after months of publicly belittling Trump, and essentially the entire Republican Party.

Trump’s supporters reacted quickly to Milano’s offer on Monday, and the majority did not accept it in exchange for kind words. Several rejected the star’s approach and called it a “joke” after repeatedly shouting that Trump was robbed of his office.

“I remember you. You were the one who dazzled Brett Kavanaugh to justice during his hearings. You were the one who called the Conservatives all the names in the book and in the least didn’t perceive his words. By no means would he recommend olives branch lost his party … We it would be if NOT “, one man reacted.

Another wrote, “I’m lazy to read the comments, but I suspect it brought exactly zero Trump supporters to win its olive branch.”


Alyssa Milano on Tuesday gave an “olive branch” to Trump’s supporters after criticizing Trump and his administration for months.

Alyssa Milano on Tuesday gave an “olive branch” to Trump’s supporters after criticizing Trump and his administration for months.
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Many Twitter users suggested that the offer of peace came only because Biden won the election.

“Could this be another sick joke that happened to you? Four years ago, the craziest sick tweets about @POTUS and anyone who stands with him now are healed? What are normal and descendants this time we’re only asking 1 question next year what did SLEEPY do for you? ” another wrote.

“Progress means recognizing and reconciling the evil you have done. It takes time to regain the broken trust. Expect everyone to ‘woe, forget that you called me a Nazi, put on ou,’ hypocritical and immature.” you don’t reach moral heights here, “another tweeted.

Although as a result of Milano’s tweet, many of his followers disagreed with his position. Some have argued that there can be no room for reconciliation.

“No, there’s no unity with people who are racists, think kids should be caged, ani masked, or believe in the Trump period. That’s not okay, no one thought we’d forgive and make friends with the Nazis,” one person said. on the platform.

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“Unfortunately, until I’m sure the trumpets aren’t trying to hit us with the olive branch, I’m unwilling to extend it. Some people have cheered violence against protesters. They’re urging a civil war. Confidence isn’t easy to fix.” another claimed.

Ahead of the election, Milano’s remarks joined the chorus of Hollywood stars this year, who shocked the president with his response to the coronavirus epidemic and his remarks about migrant children separated from their parents on the U.S.-Mexico border.

In September, he called for the Republican Party to be prosecuted for treason, in light of revelations made in Bob Woodward’s new book.

“Trump knew the virus was deadly when the Democrat called it a new scam. He politicized an f-king epidemic because he knew he was serious about closing the economy, harming his rich friends.” wrote on Twitter then. – We have to choose Joe Biden. He is our only hope. #BuildBackBetter. “

“The whole @ GOP has to be tried for treason. #TrumpKnewVoteBlue,” he continued.


Milano also closely monitored all major events before the 2020 elections, often picking up voters on social media reports to vote against Trump. On the night of the first presidential election, he tweeted on Twitter: “This debate is about good and evil.”

SHE continued writing: “Trump must answer for his lies and failures.”

In July, it also blew up Milano Trump and Dr. Fauci for lack of national shutdown as COVID-19 continued to grow. The actress later infected the virus herself and became honest about her lingering symptoms.

“Trump doesn’t care how many people die.” He is only interested in the economy and his re-election. ” wrote in July. “Why would you ignore all the doctors and professionals in the world?”


“Dr. Fauci may be great and a national treasure, but please remember that he was just sitting there when Trump made ridiculous, uneducated public health claims. ” he wrote. “He also allowed the White House to silence him when things were still under control.