Amateur code breakers crack the Zodiac Killer cipher

(CNN) – An international team of amateur hackers has solved a 51-year encryption or encrypted message sent by Zodiac Killer.

The Zodiac killer terrorized Northern California with a number of murders in the late 1960s, mocking police officers with coded messages to newspapers.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that in the United States, Australia and Belgium, a team was able to unlock the so-called killer’s “340 crypts”.

The team leader says the message says, “I hope you’re having a lot of fun trying to catch it.”

The Zodiac Killer said he was not afraid of the gas chamber because he thought the people he killed would be slaves to the afterlife.

Investigators hoped the Zodiac Killer would reveal its name in one of the ciphers.

The FBI confirmed on Friday that the 340 encryption was indeed hacked by private individuals and the case remains active.

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