Amazon Web Services has shut down for many sites and services

Amazon’s Wednesday cloud-based computing service was shut down, destroying some sites and services.

The Amazon Web Services status sheet reports problems with Kinesis, which processes large data streams, causing many sites to have “increased error rates.” The shutdown also affected its ability to upload updates to the status page.

“We will continue to fix the issue with the Kinesis Data Streams API in the USA-EAST-1 region,” the statement said, adding that the issue appears to affect the “subsystem” responsible for handling incoming requests.

“The team has identified the root cause and is working to resolve this issue affecting the subsystem,” the statement said.

Services that were problematic as a result of the outage included Amazon’s smart security subsidiary, Ring, Roku, Autodesk software vendor, Affint fintech lending company, Target Shipt delivery service, and a subway site operated by the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority. . Properties in Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Tribune Tribune Publishing also reported bugs.

AWS’s major customers, including Apple, Slack and Netflix, did not appear to have experienced any problems due to the outage.

This is the first major outage that has interrupted many customers since 2017, when problems occurred in the same U.S.-EAST-1 region and some sites were taken offline.

– CNBC Jordan Novet contributed to the report.