Amazon’s cloud outages hit Roku, other services, sites – deadline

The shutdowns will hit Amazon’s cloud service on Wednesday, affecting multiple applications and websites, the company said from Roku to Adobe, Flickr, Twilio, Tribune Publishing and Amazon’s own smart security department in the eastern United States.

“While the features of multiple services are impacted, some services have had a broader impact,” according to Amazon’s service health dashboard. The Amazon Web Services status page encountered problems with Kinesis, which processed large data streams, causing an “increased error rate” on many sites.

“We will continue to fix the issue with the Kinesis Data Streams API in the USA-EAST-1 region,” the issue appears to affect the subsystem responsible for handling incoming requests. He said he had identified the root cause and was working to solve the problem. The problem “affected the ability to send updates to the Service Health Dashboard,” AWS noted.

Outages began early in the morning, and Roku in particular was blocked by users trying to set up new devices and demanding a refund, making it clear that the issue was not at the end of Roku.