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"America's First" President has just told Kim Jong Un to kill the American student

IIt is wonderful how people can reach President Trump until they are tempted by the promise of prestige.

It may be a killer of a third world dictator and oversee the slow execution of a US citizen, and the president will protect you all over the world as long as it believes that it will bring you closer to your personal and professional capital.

It's not hyperbole either. The president held this Thursday on a joint press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump was indeed defending the potbellian tyrant king's claim that he was in the dark in 2016 when his system was imprisoned and tortured by a University of Virginia student from Ohio.

Otto Warmbier, who was beaten in coma by North Korean prisons for 17 months, returned shortly in the United States in June 2017.

She felt very bad. He felt very bad, "Trump said on Thursday with his second summit with Kim. – He says he doesn't know about him, and I'll grab him.

The chairman added that Kim would not care that Warmbier would suffer irreparable damage, saying, "I don't think the top management knew about it. I don't think [Kim] would have allowed this to happen.

"There was no advantage to make it happen," Trump said.

Considering that the Kim system retains all North Korean entry and exit information, and the fact that it has a killer special police who specifically requires him to inform him of any incidents in the country, Trump suggests The North Korean despot didn't know what happened to the Warmbier beggars.

Trump also seemed to be impressed by the fact that North Korea is a country-wide concentration camp, which Kim furiously controls.

"You have many people," Trump said at a Thursday press conference. – Great country, many people. And there are many people in these prisons and camps. And some very bad things happened to Otto. … But [Kim] he says he doesn't know about it.

Sorry, what the hell is that?

This is the same president who spoke about Warmbier's death in the 2018 EU situation: "We only need to look at the latent nature of the North Korean regime to understand the nature of nuclear danger."

This is the same president who said with his first summit: "I don't think it would have been without Otto. Something happened that day – it was terrible. It was brutal. Many began to focus on what happened, including North Korea. Indeed, I believe that Otto is someone who has not died in vain.

But now? Well, now Trump believes he is this it is much closer to agreeing with North Korea to agree. He dreams of winning the credit that many believe impossible. She dreams that she finally won the approval of all the people who scare and curse her. So, kindly plays with Kim, so much as to release the cruel dictator for the murder of a US college student.

I usually agree with me Washington investigator Colleague Tom Rogan writes that Warmbier's murder cannot change the North Korean policy of the United States. But there is a canyon between "free diplomacy" and running protection for a man whose many, many crimes are torture and murder of an American citizen.

America is sure for the first time, Trump says. Only after we are crazy about this crazy, anti-US. tyrant whose hinged people have recently been killed by an American citizen.

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