An anonymous senior campaign adviser said Trump “basically just admitted” by “proposing” that the GSA begin the Biden-Harris transition

Trump meeting
President Donald Trump at a campaign meeting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Sept. 8. Zay Peter / Anadolu Agency through Getty Images
  • An anonymous Trump senior campaign adviser told The Washington Post that President Donald Trump had “basically just admitted” by tweeting in support of Biden-Harris’ officially beginning transition.

  • The Trump-appointed head of the General Services Administration previously sent a letter to President-elect Joe Biden on Monday, allowing him access to resources to begin the presidential transition.

  • Shortly after the press began reporting on the letter, Trump tweeted thanks to GSA chief Emily Murphy and approved his team at the GSA and its administration, beginning the transition. He indicated he was still planning to fight the election result, saying, “I believe we will overcome it!”

  • “Basically, he just admitted,” the unnamed consultant told The Post. “It’s as close to the discount as you’re likely to get.”

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Anonymous Trump, a senior campaign adviser, told The Washington Post that President Donald Trump, with his Monday night tweets, only accepted the 2020 election with his Monday night tweets.

Emily Murphy, the head of the independent General Services Directorate, appointed by Trump, sent a letter earlier on Monday to President-elect Joe Biden, allowing him access to resources to begin the presidential transition.

“As an administrator for the U.S. General Services Administration, I am able to provide certain post-election resources and services under the amended Presidential Transitional Act of 1963 in the event of a change of president,” Murphy wrote in the letter.

“I take this role seriously, and because of recent developments that involve legal challenges and the verification of election results, I am forwarding this letter today to make these resources and services available to you,” he wrote.

Although he made the resources available to Biden, he did not acknowledge his victory in the November election, nor did he appoint him president-elect.

“The actual winner of the presidential election will be determined by the electoral process detailed in the Constitution,” Murphy continued in the letter.

Shortly after the press began reporting on Murphy’s letter, Trump tweeted his thanks to Murphy for “his dedicated devotion and loyalty to our country,” and suggested to the GSA and its administration that it begin the transition to Biden. However, he indicated that he still doubts the election result.

“Our case continues STRONGLY, we continue to have a good fight, and I think we will make it happen!” the president wrote. “Nevertheless, in the interest of our country, I suggest that Emily and her team do the initial protocols and tell my team to do the same.”

Trump, a senior campaign official who spoke anonymously to The Post, described the president’s tweets as a concession.

“Basically, he just admitted,” the consultant said. “It’s as close to the discount as you’re likely to get.”

The Trump campaign did not respond immediately to the request for comment.

The president and his supporters have challenged election results in many states with conspiracy theories related to voter fraud, electoral fraud, and postal voting. Trump’s legal team is not yet required to provide evidence to substantiate its allegations of fraud.

Some of the lawsuits filed to block verification of election results were dismissed by federal courts.

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