An illegal club party of roughly 400 people has been knocked out in New York City, officials say

About 400 people were overthrown for gathering at an illegal club party early Saturday morning in the Midtown area of ​​New York City, NBC New York writes.

The nationwide party in Covid-19 cases violated city and state orders against holding mass rallies. In addition, the party operated without a drink license, it turns out a New York Sheriff’s Class.

The alcohol was seized from a party that the New York sheriff closed in a commercial area that operated without a beverage license on November 28, 2020.NYC sheriff via Twitter

The NYC sheriff tweeted a picture of them looking like dozens of bottles seized at the party.

Four of the organizers, who have not yet been identified, have been indicted for holding mass rallies against city and state orders, as well as operating without spirits, NBC New York writes.

Bill de Blasio is the mayor of New York tweeted that there were 1,589 new Covid-19 cases in the city on Saturday and 136 patients were hospitalized.

The bottle-party bust occurs a few days after the New York sheriff overthrew another illegal “glass club,” this time in Queens. About 80 people attended the a beep from the sheriff.

According to the sheriff’s tweet, five organizers were accused of the rally.