Andrew Cuomo to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine with Biden’s advisors

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday he plans to talk to him Joe Biden has elected president during the day, advisors on the distribution of COVID-19 in New York – and because of the difficulty of the role of states in this.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to talk to them about – how difficult it is for states to administer the vaccine program and what states actually have to do, but I can say it’s going to be a lot harder than expected,” Cuomo said at a press conference in Rochester. vaccination plan should be further developed. “

The Post had previously reported that Cuomo, who had littered the Trump administration’s COVID-19 vaccination plan, had missed 17 consecutive governor calls with the White House coronavirus task force and questioned whether it would approve Trump’s vaccination for New Yorkers.

He even confronted Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex-Azar.

On Wednesday, the Cuomo also questioned how many people could refuse to receive the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it became available, and said efforts should be made to ensure that the vaccine reaches minority and low-income communities.

“There are no provisions for funding the distribution of black, brown and poor communities,” Cuomo said, explaining that “there is no further dissemination effort”.

“It’s not going to be as simple as saying,‘ Go to your local national drug chain and you can get the vaccine, ’” he said.

Cuomo added, “If you’re going to put vaccination first, shouldn’t communities with higher mortality rates be given priority?”

“So this vaccination is not tomorrow, nor is it as simple as we think it should be done fairly and equitably, and it needs to correct the mistake so far,” he said.

Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo
Joe Biden and Andrew CuomoPOOL / AFP via Getty Images

Cuomo predicted that “there will be months and months before we distribute enough vaccine to actually solve the COVID problem”.

Last week, Cuomo was among several governors and practically met with elected Vice President Bidend and Kamala Harris about the response to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.