Another wave of Republican lawsuits is undermining Biden’s Michigan victory

More than three weeks after the election, and a week after the Trump campaign dropped its own lawsuit in the state, two Republican-led lawsuits are trying to undermine Michigan President Joe Biden’s final vote over President Donald Trump.

The first, filed with the Michigan Supreme Court as an application for extraordinary written and statement relief, is given by Angelic Johnson and Linda Lee Tarver, both members of Trump Voices for Trump, represented by the conservative Thomas More Society.

They sued Foreign Secretary Jocelyn Benson, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Secretary of State Jeanette Bradshaw, citing a wide range of irregularities.

Much of the lawsuit reiterates Trump’s campaign allegations in unsuccessful Michigan lawsuits. The largest block of votes they questioned is an estimated 355,392 “unsolicited ballots” that are allegedly incorrect.

“In addition to the 2020 national elections being incorrectly flooded with missing ballots by sending illegal mass mailings to the voting requests of unsolicited absentees. The expert analysis shows that the Secretary of State also sent unsolicited ballot papers, ”the lawsuit states.

Benson mailed the ballot papers of the absentees, but not the ballot papers. Missing ballot papers are sent by local officials and not by the Secretary of State when asked. The plaintiffs argue that Benson’s mailing of the ballots of the unsolicited absentees was also illegal.

According to the lawsuit, state legislature must select state voters who are sent to the electoral college, thoroughly investigate “illegal votes” and “legal votes” by a “special master,” or delay Whitmer’s election mission. College State Congress.

The legislature has no role in the election of state voters. The Council of State Representatives validated the election results, in which Biden was declared the winner of the Michigan presidential election, and under the Michigan Electoral Act, it is the governor who officially restores the voter slate.

In Michigan, the election is not over. Biden won the presidential race with 154,188 votes. That’s more than 14 times the 10,674 votes Trump won for the state in the 2016 election.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit filed by six Republicans in a U.S. district court in eastern Michigan alleges “massive electoral fraud” and is asking for the certification of the election to be lifted or for the election to be re-certified in favor of Trump. . It was raised against Benson, Whitmer and the State Advisory Board.

Numerous allegations include violations of the constitutional equal protection clause by denying Republican poll observers “meaningful access,” failures of computer systems that were “uniformly” beneficial to Biden over Trump, and “violations of several other Michigan election codes that caused or facilitated the counting. thousands of ineligible, illegal or duplicate ballots. “

The plaintiffs are represented by a team of lawyers, including attorney Sidney Powell, who was previously associated and then rejected the Trump campaign. Nationwide, he mostly reveals conspiracy theories.

The lawsuits follow several people seeking to undermine or overthrow Michigan’s election results:

– The Trump campaign lost the state lawsuit that tried to prevent the counting of votes.

– The Trump campaign and several Republican federal lawsuits have been launched to stop verifying Michigan’s election results. The results were subsequently confirmed.

– The purpose of the federal lawsuit is to drop the votes of Ingham, Wayne and Washtenaw counties. The four voters behind the lawsuit dismissed it shortly after his submission.

– Two TCF Center pollsters, Johnson and Sarah Stoddard, have filed a lawsuit demanding an independent inquiry, a recount or an order to invalidate the election and hold another. That suit was also dropped.

– A judge rejected a request from two Republican pollsters to stop validating Michigan’s election results.

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