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AOC Feedback Starts – CNNPolitics

When a politician – or indeed anyone – becomes a star of a night, there is an inevitable collision that increases against the ascent. And less than three months into its first congressional cycle, the AOC restraint began seriously.

The spark came last week when Ocasio-Cortez warned his colleagues at a closed-door meeting of Democrats that if they continued to vote with Republicans on the chamber's procedural suggestions, they would be able to close the list of incumbents. liberal primary challenge. (Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who found himself on the other side of the AOC a few times during the first months of the Congress, did the same thing to the members.)

Members – especially those who hold swing districts that do not look like the AOC's solid Democratic Bronx / Queens seat – have passed.

"Undoubtedly, a myth that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is somehow representing the country's democratic primary voters," said Alabama-based Democratic voter John Anzalone, who asked Barack Obama's 2012 re-election contest. Comment this weekend. "Nearly half of the respondents call themselves moderate or conservative."
Is Anzalone Right For Democratic Makeup? Democrats Gallup voted in 2018. Data showed that 51% of Democrats found themselves liberal last year, while 47% were moderate (34%) or conservative (13%).

Here's the problem with Anzalone and the 2020s lovers, as the former Colorado governor, John Hickenloop, who works as a pragmatic problem solver: Energy, activism and, yes, money comes from crazy hell. it is not the liberal base right now. This reality encourages candidates – especially in the presidential race – to run as far as possible because they are on the left where they get political results.

The real question is not, therefore, which part of the party is rising – it is certainly the wing of AOC / Bernie Sanders – but that these moderate and conservatives are treated by the party's liberals. Will they be thrown out because they are not loyal to the case – as a tea party (and Trump) Republicans have made their own centrist wings over the past decade? Or are liberals finding a way to incorporate the views of their more moderate party members when they try to find a candidate who can leave Donald Trump in 2020?

Anzalone again touches his head. "My main point about AOC is that while respecting the party's voice, I don't think he respects mine or anyone else who is different in politics or comes from another political election reality," he said.

The point: This ideological struggle within the Democratic Party reflects the broader debate that an Obama democracy could and should have looked at. OCCASION-Cortez? Joe Biden? Is it somewhere between the two?

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