Apple may relocate its iPad and MacBook from China to Vietnam

Apple has asked Foxconn to relocate some iPad and MacBook manufacturing capacity to Vietnam, Reuters reports. Production of conveyor belts will begin in the first half of next year in Box Giang Province, Foxconn ReutersA source who notes that Apple wants to diversify its supply chain due to trade disputes between the United States and China.

Reuters‘report does not include which iPad or Mac models are being assembled in Vietnam, nor what percentage of Apple’s total production is shifted from China. But these aren’t the first Apple products to be assembled in Vietnam – Apple started manufacturing AirPods Pro units there earlier this year. Apple has also used India to manufacture certain iPhone models for some time, although this mostly precedes the U.S.-China trade war and helps the company comply with local import regulations.

Nikkei earlier this week, Foxconn reported plans to invest $ 270 million in Vietnam to expand its manufacturing capacity. The Taiwanese company is said to move more than 30 percent of its production lines outside China.