Applicants share first-hand election irregularities: “I couldn’t go to the grave knowing”

Three announcers allegedly disturbed election day voting irregularities at “Hannity” on Tuesday as Trump’s legal team facilitated lawsuits in various states.

Ethan Pease, a Wisconsin subcontractor for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), said at an earlier Tuesday press conference that they had been informed of a plan to redeem 100,000 mail items to circumvent the submission deadline. Pease made the allegation with a sworn statement, despite Attorney General William Barr earlier Tuesday said the Justice Department had not yet found evidence of widespread voter fraud.


“I didn’t have a ballot on election day,” Pease told host Sean Hannity. “The day after the election, I didn’t really think anything until the postal inspector asked me if I had forgotten the ballot papers the night before, and I didn’t have one either, so I was like,‘ that’s a weird question, isn’t it?

Pease said he was told he was “allegedly missing 100,000 ballots in the state of Wisconsin and came under an order to locate them from the Wisconsin-Illinois USPS chapter.”

Pease said that although he considered himself “independent or liberal”, he was forced to speak because “he couldn’t go to the grave, knowing what I knew, and just keeping that to myself, knowing that something went wrong in that election.”

Jesse Morgan, who also works as a USPS subcontracted truck driver, claimed to have driven nearly 300,000 completed mail items on state lines.

“I can say I took 24 pallets,” Morgan told Hannity. “It happened on October 21st and I picked them up at Bethpage in New York and drove them to Harrisburg. [Pa.] and I drove them from Harrisburg to Lancaster, dropped the trailer in Lancaster, dropped my truck, and went home. “

Kristina Karamo, a Michigan election observer, described a worrying incident that took place at the election night verdict.

BARR says he has not found justification for widespread voter fraud

“What happened was that there was a vote at the judging table and it was a straight party, that straight party Democrat and straight party voted for a Republican, and the important thing was that there were filled circles, so that’s a deliberate sign …” he said.

“He didn’t vote for other judges, no suggestions, nothing else, and the poller just said, ‘I’ll hand it over to the Democrats.’ he voted for Joe Biden, where a voter voted for Joe Biden and the Green Party presidential candidate … so he warned – I was watching him, ”he said.


Karamo said he had designated an employee supervisor who provided little help. After a short round trip, Karamo asked the shift supervisor, “Why not give Republicans over the Democrats?” At this point, “he starts screaming at me and telling him to push through. I and he have this big argument …” he said.

“People are trying to say it’s just an event. No, it’s a lot of cases. We didn’t have a way to reconcile these mass stories, which all add up, but Democrats have plenty of time to reconcile their stories, so it’s not logical that all of our stories it tells the same type of situation when we witnessed a huge fraud, “she argued.


Karamo admitted that although he is a registered Republican, he told Hannity that “this is beyond Republicans and Democrats. It is about defending our republic.

“If we do not trust our choice, we have no nation.