Are you buying Amazon Black Friday offers? 7 primary benefits you should use


The benefits of Amazon Prime make shopping easier.

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Black Friday it’s officially here – that means we’re doing the holiday shopping (and even a few things for ourselves). And this year, Amazon got a lot of deals Tile trackers and smartwatches to deals with Echo devices. So, if you have Prime membership, this is the time take full advantage of it.

While you probably know you can get two days of free shipping as Prime Minister, did you know you can get packages sooner or schedule a more convenient delivery date for you? Or that it can be exclusive He deals with Alexa on the Amazon Echo?

Amazon isn’t the only company with huge black Friday sales – Best shopping, Walmart, Target and Home Depot sales events are also held. However, Amazon’s vast catalog, loyal subscriber base, and vast delivery empire have put it in a position to take advantage of its business in an extremely aggressive manner. Here are all the ways your existing Prime membership – and Amazon Echo – can help you shop today.

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Schedule a convenient delivery date when paying on Amazon Day.

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You can get additional discounts by purchasing Alexa

You can use Amazon Echo to ask, “Alexa, what are my offers?” anytime. Alexa will then share the Prime-exclusive offers with you and you will have the opportunity to add the product to your cart, buy it now or move on to the next store.

Schedule a convenient delivery date for your package

Everyone knows about Amazon’s two-day free shipping, but another option is select a delivery date during checkout. It’s called Amazon Day, and it’s helpful to have a day when you know someone will be home and responding to packages — especially if it’s something expensive you don’t want to risk sitting outside unattended.

If you order more days on different days, you can ship them on the same day if you are eligible for this offer.

Use Amazon Echo to track packages

If you have one Any Amazon Echo, you can use it to track your orders.

He just says, “Alexa, where’s my package?” and the Echo will let you know where it is and when it will arrive. After the order is delivered a The Echo ring light flashes yellow and if you have the Echo Show, the delivery notification will appear on the screen.


You can use any Amazon Echo to keep track of your packages.

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Buy early access deals in front of non-prime members

If something you’ve been looking at says “Prime Early Access” as a prime minister, you can buy this sale 30 minutes before non-Prime members. However, you will still have to compete with other members who are also interested in the product before selling it.

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Using Prime Now, you will receive what you have ordered within a few hours

If you have a product that you want that day, you can see if it is available in Prime Now. Amazon delivers from morning to night so you don’t have to worry about receiving your order at 3am

This way of shopping is great if you really need to go to the grocery store, but you can’t risk losing this new product, such as a a fresh Echo device that can be sold. Prime Now is not available everywhere, so enter your zip code at to see if you are eligible. Keep in mind that you will need to add gratitude money for delivery here, unlike a normal Amazon Prime order.

Share your Prime benefits with your family

If another adult lives in your household like another significant person or a friend, you can share your Prime membership with them. You can still keep your personal accounts separate, but you can access both with the same Prime benefits.

You can share your account with up to four teens and up to four children in your household. Although they have their own login information, you can still manage their profiles.


Amazon employees can leave a package in the house using Amazon Key.

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Amazon can leave the package in your house or garage

When you know you’re not going home for a while and have a shipment on the road, it’s much safer for an Amazon employee to leave your belongings in your house or garage to avoid a theft.

If you have the Amazon Key Home Kit or with your Amazon garage delivery kit, you can ask to leave your expensive luggage for free in your home or garage. The Home kit itself costs $ 257 (currently out of stock) and has a cloud camera and smart lock, so you’ll be responsible for admitting the delivery and watching it happen. The garage kit sells for $ 30, and the garage becomes a smart garage.

If you are wary of this letting a completely stranger into his home, keep in mind that you will also receive notifications throughout the process. Note that you can also choose to block home delivery – for example, if you know you will be home at this time.

More Black Friday tips for this year’s shopping can be found here four things you need to know about 2020 black friday and how to return Amazon packages quickly, easily and for free. Is, read this before you buy a technical gift for the holiday season.

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