Arizona GOP governor Ducey beats Trump after a state qualification fight

  • Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey defended his state’s election process after President Donald Trump singled him out for attack.
  • Ducey vindicated President Arizona’s election results in favor of President-elect Joe Biden on Monday, angering the president.
  • Trump called Monday’s Arizona election hearings, citing “horrible scams” on the part of Ducey and then he took his anger to Twitter.
  • Ducey then tweeted a thread describes the state’s pride in electoral procedures and its commitment to the law.
  • Trump has repeatedly hit the GOP numbers, whom he considers insufficiently loyal, while continuing to challenge the election.
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The Arizona Republican governor struck back at President Donald Trump after the president tricked him into confirming that elected president Joe Biden won the state.

Governor Doug Ducey officially confirmed Monday that Biden had won Arizona by 10,457 votes, rewarding Democrats with 11 democratic election votes after disputing the results.

Trump criticized Ducey early on by summoning him to the audition and provoking fans’ news, declaring without evidence that Ducey had presented “such corruption, such horrible fraud.”

Then, shortly after Ducey verified Biden’s state, Trump began a Twitter rampage against him, including a retweet of a meme in which Ducey is accused of corruption.

The president also shared an entry saying Ducey “betrayed” Arizona, adding, “TRUE!”

He also shared several other tweets about Ducey and the state election system.


President Donald Trump.

AP photo / Patrick Semansky

On Tuesday morning, Ducey responded with nine tweets in defense of his state’s election procedures.

The governor did not mention Trump, but said he spoke “in the Oval Office” about his state’s electoral system.

“I spoke quite openly about Arizona’s electoral system and boasted quite a bit about it, including in the Oval Office. And with good reason,” he began.

In the thread, Ducey said Arizona “has the strongest election laws in the country,” noting that the signature of every vote must be verified by hand.

He described how the state used bipartisan poll observers and banned measures advocated by Democrats in some states, such as collecting third-party votes and receiving mail after election day.

He continued to drop the legal protection glove, which must now be submitted within five days of certification.

Trump did not hesitate to criticize his Republican peers if he did not consider them loyal enough, RINO – abbreviated as “Republican by Name Only” – a popular insult.

  • On November 20, Trump stole the title Senator Mitt Romney, Utah and called him RINO after the senator said he did not vote for Trump and criticized his allegations of election fraud.
  • On November 22, Trump also highlighted it Maryry Governor Larry Hogan because of criticism, and considered him a RINO on Twitter after breaking the lines to call on the president to let him into the election.
  • On November 26, the president also called Georgia Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger, who said he and his family voted for Trump in 2020, an “enemy of the people” after the state voted for Biden.
  • And on Nov. 29, Trump told Fox Business that he regretted supporting Georgian Governor Brian Kemp, citing the state’s use of Dominion Voting Systems machines in the election – which were the subject of conspiracy theories.