Arizona GOP President Launches Last Lawsuit to Cancel Joe Biden’s State Victory

Another electoral challenge is looming in Arizona after the state’s Republican party president, Kelli Ward, filed papers challenging the result that gave the Grand Canyon state’s 11 voter votes to elected president Joe Biden.

This is the latest legal move by GOP figures to support President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud, although, like almost others, it promises little success.

Ward’s action alleges that in some parts of Maricopa County there was insufficient assurance to prove that verified signatures on postal ballot papers were received from registered voters.

According to a lawsuit filed against 11 voters in the state, observers were not given a proper picture of the voting process, and the handling of damaged ballots meant that they were not accurately recorded.

Ward wants a sample of signatures on the urn envelopes to be examined by court order so they can be compared with the documents. He also wants damaged ballot papers to be compared to copies made by election workers.

The lawsuit calls on the court to “declare that the electoral certificate of the voters in Biden has no further legal force or effect and that the election will be annulled and set aside.”

He also asks that “if a check of the ballot papers proves this, the court should declare that Trump’s voters have the most legal votes and declare these persons elected.”

Last Friday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously endorsed the results. In the unlikely event that Ward overturns the results, 11 voter college votes would not be enough to reverse Biden’s overall election victory.

Ward’s trial is the fifth election challenge filed in Maricopa County since election day. Four cases were dismissed, including one filed by the Arizona GOP over whether the voting machines had been hacked.

The legal challenge is the latest sign that some Republican figures are reluctant to alienate Trump’s base. The president continues to have significant influence over the GOP, especially ahead of the decisive pre-election of Georgian senate seats in January.

Ward has been criticized in the local media for his post-election demands, such as Arizona mirror which declared false its allegations that Maricopa County had hidden constituency election data. Newsweek contacted Ward for comment

Arizona Republican Party Kelli Ward
Arizona Republican Party President Kelli Ward with President Donald Trump is pictured at Yuma Airport in Arizona on August 18, 2020. Ward alleges irregularities in the counting of votes in the election.
Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images

Maricopa County was the focal point of the state’s historic change, with President-elect Joe Biden becoming the first Democrat to win there since Harry Truman in 1948.

That was a key point in Biden reversing the historically red state from Trump, who won 3.5 percentage points in 2016.

The Trump campaign criticized Fox News for joining the Associated Press when it called the state for Biden. Other stores did not project a Biden victory until Nov. 12, ahead of Trump by more than 10,000 votes as of Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey admitted that Biden won the state A Mike Broomhead Show on KTAR News: “I trust our electoral system, there is integrity in our electoral system. Joe Biden has really won Arizona.”

Under Arizona law, a contest can be submitted within five days of state certification. Under federal law, all challenges and recountings must be resolved by December 8 at the latest.

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