Arizona is probably the target of the 49ers ’home games

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When the regular season schedule was released in May, the evidence was clearly visible. If the 49s couldn’t play at their own stadium because of the pandemic, then Arizona made the most sense, considering the 49s and the Cardinals would never play at home on the same day.

With the 49ers no longer able to play at home, Arizona became the top spot in the relocated 49ers games.

Through the Ian Rapoport, NFL Media, at the Glendale State Economic Stadium in Arizona, the 49s became the “most likely opportunity”. Another option would be a Texas stadium.

An NFL stadium becomes critical because of this equation, as each stadium is connected to the league office and allows for real-time replay reviews. The quality of the playing surface is also an issue; at a time when not all NFL fields always match snuff, plenty of non-NFL fields would be even worse.

The 49s are likely to set up a bubble wherever they go, especially since they can’t practice in Santa Clara County between games. At this point, they only have to go to one hotel, wherever they practice and play, and stay there for the rest of the season.

The NFL Players Association is likely to have a say in this if players are informed that their work will, in practical terms, become a 24/7 offer by the end of the season. Given that the players ’alternative is not to play home games at all (and players who don’t get paid for it), the union is likely to agree. However, if these dramatically changed circumstances result in players being away from home for at least the next five weeks, players should be given the opportunity to choose the balance of the season, giving up their salary balance, but with no penalty for leaving.