As Seattle City Council acquits police, two victims were delayed nearby

The casual worker was stabbed to death in Seattle when the Council voted to liquidate the already incomplete police department. (KIRO 7 TV)

When Seattle City Council voted to rescue police on Monday, two victims were stabbed just one corner away. One of the victims died at the scene. He stabbed a stranger in the neck for a second.

The stabs – the third in four days – shed light on an out-of-control city. As murders soar and violent crimes increase, police staff are declining. And the council only made matters worse.

It is as if the advice blinded by ideology is trying to cause further pain and suffering.

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Seattle City Council acquitted police after two stabs

As Seattle City Council discussed the city’s final budget for 2021 on Monday, a man stabbed a woman to death in Belltown shortly before 11 p.m. The delay occurred at a tenement house operated by Plymouth Housing. It used to serve the homeless.

“He loved his job,” resident Jolene Paris told KOMO TV. – He just wanted to help us.

The 58-year-old suspect was homeless before officers arrived. He was arrested later in the afternoon, about an hour before the council approved an 18% budget cut for the SPD. Among the cuts, the council will follow a dangerous plan to get social workers to respond to some 911 crisis calls.

The tragic irony is that the victim was the victim of the incident, as the council sends to 911 calls. Unarmed and untrained, they will not have a chance to defend themselves against dangerous residents in crisis.

It wasn’t the only sting of the day.

He was stabbed in the neck in Seattle

The second stab occurred in downtown Seattle Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. It was a random attack.

A 33-year-old man was walking nearby when he was stabbed in the neck of a 27-year-old man. The victim at first thought he had been accidentally hit, but soon realized he was bleeding. The victim was sent to the hospital and will be fine.

Police said responding officers found a pocket knife on the suspect, who also has a correctional offense for escaping from community custody.

It is no accident

It is no coincidence that two stabs were made during the council’s deliberations to release the police.

The stabs are a direct consequence of the control of that city. The number of police officers is historically low. In fact, the city has the fewest staff available since at least 1990. The fewer officers, the higher the crime, and the longer it takes to respond to violent crimes and locate suspects. And the problem is getting worse.

Not only did 144 officers leave the department in 2020, the number for the new year could be well over 200. Seattle City Council seems unrestricted. They continue to work to eradicate Seattle police while the homicide rate is rising as fast as our homelessness crisis. There is no end nearby.

Since we are in a crisis, who would want to work as an officer in Seattle? Plenty of officers digest the accumulated patient time before leaving the department for the neighboring agency. When they leave, their positions will not be easy to fill.

Perhaps the council believes social workers can help address the problems facing the city. But a case studyer lost his life today. I fear there will be a more tragic, meaningless and avoidable loss of life.

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