As soon as the indictment begins, Marjorie Taylor Greene breaks up the Capitol’s disruptors who “ruined” the objection plans

MP Marjorie Taylor Greene announced the Capitol’s disruptors on Tuesday, saying all lawmakers – Republicans and Democrats – had been attacked when the Capitol was attacked at the January 6 joint session to count voter votes.

“The attack has IMPROVED our objection to which we have been preparing for weeks, which has ruined our efforts on behalf of Trump and his constituents,” Greene, R-Ga, said.

He continued: “The night before, pipe bombs were placed at the RNC and the DNC. They were not just targeting one party. The Republicans and Democrats were being targeted. They were all together against the government.”

Greene also said he was “very nervous, scared and terrified for all of us” during the riots, “and said he had” made a video calling on people to stop and protest peacefully. “

Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. He speaks at a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington on Friday, February 5, 2021. (AP Photo / Susan Walsh)


“I will be forever grateful to my Republican colleagues who bravely helped the police protect us and locked the door,” Greene continued. “They bravely risked their lives against the attackers trying to get in.”

He added that the former president was “a victim of the persecution of witches fueled by never-ending hatred.”

But some of the actions of the disruptors indicate that they did not actually target lawmakers who were considered allies, including Senate Ted Cruz, in the state of Texas. The video a New Yorker he showed the disruptors who ran through Cruz’s papers before concluding, “That’s good. I think Cruz wants us to do that, so I think we’re good.” They also said, “He’s with us.”

However, Cruz condemned the disruptors in several statements.

Greene also gave credible allegations on Tuesday that the riots in the Capitol were not Trump’s supporters – generally showing that right-wing Trump supporters were in almost all cases as law enforcement officers searched for the troublemakers.


About an hour after Trump’s signing on Jan. 6, the pro-Trump crowd violated the Capitol, repeating false claims to win the election and telling its adherents to go to the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically.” Those who believe Trump’s demonstration that day is an incriminating behavior say a comment doesn’t go beyond the balance of his remarks, in which he also told his followers that if they don’t “fight back,” they won’t be in the country. “

Trump’s legal team says the word “fight” was carried over and meant political action on election security.

Greene was a lightning bolt of controversy as he maintained his reputation as a bombshell while also distancing himself from some of his most radical statements in the past. He denied QAnon after previously flirting with conspiracy theory; confirmed that it had taken place on 11 September, having previously expressed doubts about it; and last week apologized to his Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives for these remarks and for others, including some who had clearly supported violence against Democrats before his election.


The Republican Party experienced a handful of internal skirmishes that took place last week. Throughout the House, he voted for Greene, one of the faces of the GOP’s Trump-wing wing, on a committee mandate. Eleven Republicans joined all Democrats in this vote. Meanwhile, Liz Cheney MP, R-Wyo., Survived a 145-61 vote to remove him as president of the GOP conference after he was voted on Trump’s charge.

Similar divisions in the Senate are closely monitored during Trump’s indictment trial, with some Republicans considering potential votes to convict the former president, while the vast majority of the GOP is expected to stand by Trump’s lawyers, who called the trial “political theater.” “

“This impeachment has launched a circus for the Democratic media team to entertain the masses who have been brainwashed and hated by addiction, so they don’t see Dem politics being quickly forced to destroy our lives, steal our freedoms and America’s last,” Greene tweeted on Tuesday. .