Azar said states will decide who gets the first Covid-19 shots

CDC panel weight: The ACIP met on Monday and outlined the principles that guided its recommendations. According to the group, vaccine distribution should be a disproportionate case of Covid-19, hospitalization and death of the black, Latin and Native American population, and a long-standing distrust of health care facilities due to historical abuse and mistreatment. .

How the feds will select the doses: The Trump administration will split shipments of the coronavirus vaccine into states in December and beyond based on the size of their adult population, not how many cases of Covid-19 they have, Azar said.

“We wanted to keep that simplicity,” Azar said. “Once we go through these initial details, where we are in a much more cramped position, we will eventually get to where we get per capita.”

Warp Speed ​​officials insisted the population was justified in order to avoid an initial and subsequent change in an allocation formula, he added.

Governors have given limited feedback on how the first servings should be distributed by state, Azar said, noting that “they want to be simple.”