Barack Obama insists on Jon Jonoff in the new TV commercial

The ad is a clear call to motivate black voters, the decisive group of Georgian voters who fell in a 2008 Senate outgoing race after Obama left the ballot. The ad shows Obama’s footage at a demonstration in Atlanta on Nov. 2, where the former president remarked that Ossoff had learned of “public service” from my lifelong hero, a late Georgian congressman, and John Lewis, a civil rights icon who called Ossoff hired by an intern.

“If we vote that our lives depend on it, because yes, we will elect Jon Osoff to the U.S. Senate,” Obama says.

It starts broadcasting on Tuesday, and an Ossoff spokesman said the campaign will change as part of its seven-digit weekly ad purchase.

Ossoff warns of 'paralysis' if Republicans retain control of Senate

On January 5, Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock are campaigning to oust Georgian Republican sensor David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to turn not only the chairs but also the Republican-controlled senate.

Perdue, a senator and former CEO of Reebok and the first term of the Dollar General, called his democratic opponent a socialist, though Ossoff is not, and argued that Republican senators should win to “save America.”

Perdue’s latest television ad protects itself from Ossoff attacks that the senator is a “rogue” during the pandemic over his multi-million dollar stock market trading that drew the attention of the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Ministry of Justice did not initiate charges. Echoing the announcement, the narrator of the senator’s office claims that Perdue has been “clarified” by the DOJ, the SEC and the Senate Ethics Committee.

“Perdue has been completely acquitted,” the narrator adds.