Barr and Giuliani clash over allegations of election fraud

Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, the campaign’s senior legal adviser, returned to Barr just minutes after the AP reported it. Two alleged that the Department of Justice had not adequately investigated electoral irregularities and had not questioned witnesses who had allegedly engaged in illegal conduct.

Trump’s legal team introduced eyebrow-raising conspiracy theories with the election despite state election officials across the country confirming that the vote was fair. In particular, attorney Sidney Powell has raised waves over false claims by foreign interventions and voter machines altered by voters against the will of voters. Trump’s legal team soon separated from Powell.

“With the utmost respect for the Attorney General’s opinion, he appears to have no knowledge or investigation into material irregularities and systemic fraud,” Giuliani and Ellis said in a statement.

But their statement contradicts Barr’s comments to the AP, in which he proves that most of the claims were one-offs and were followed up.

“There’s a growing tendency to use the criminal justice system as some kind of default solution and people don’t like something, they want the Department of Justice to step in and‘ investigate, ’” Barr said.

The detachment of Attorney General Trump from the allegations is in stark contrast to the President’s previous, careful support for many of his allegations. Prior to the election, Barr supported the president’s claim that postal votes were vulnerable to mass fraud – an unfounded notion that could have serious consequences, as he had seen an unprecedented number of U.S. votes in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump looked at members of his own party because they did not support his legal challenges. Republican Cow. In particular, Arizona’s Doug Ducey and Georgia’s Brian Kemp were the target after verifying their states ’votes for Joe Biden. Trump fired Chris Krebs as head of U.S. cybersecurity shortly after he declared this year’s election one of the safest in history.

Immediately after the AP report, Barr was spotted by reporters in the White House. A White House official told POLITICO that Barr had met at a pre-arranged meeting with Mark Meadows, White House cabinet chief, and Pat Cipollone, White House adviser.

He was one of Barr Trump’s most loyal allies and played a critical role in the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections. During his AP interview, he revealed that he had given a special advisory mandate to a U.S. lawyer who was investigating the origins and conduct of the federal trials in the 2016 election.

This move will largely protect lawyer John Durham from dismissal, especially because a democratic administration will take power in January.

Durham’s test has faint legitimacy in the eyes of Democrats, who see it largely as retaliation for the investigation into the 2016 election that defined the first half of Trump’s presidency.

Nancy Cook contributed to the report.