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Barr doesn't use Mueller's control

William Barr

Attorney General William Barr refused to say during the confirmatory hearing whether the Special Adviser plays any role in the trial of Robert Mueller. | Alex Wong / Getty Images

Attorney-General William Barr does not take himself back to supervise Robert Mueller's special advice on the Trump campaign, spokesman for a Ministry of Justice said Monday.

Barr's affirmation of the second case, as the Attorney General, was complicated to disclose in a June 19 issue of a profound skepticism about the alleged collision between Mueller's Trump campaign and Russia.

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During the confirmatory hearing, Barr refused to say whether he would withdraw his role in Mueller's test. While rejecting democracies by refusing to commit to ethical officials, Barr was confirmed last month by 54 to 45 votes in the Senate.

Kerri Kupec, spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, said on Monday that Barr had decided to oversee Mueller's investigation and that the class's ethics team agreed.

"Following General Barr's affirmation, senior career ethics officials have advised General Barr not to withdraw from the special advisory study," Kupec said. "In line with these advice, General Barr decided not to use it."

Vice-President Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller in 2017 after his former lawyer Jeff Sessions, is expected to leave the class this month. Trump fired Sessions in November.

While he leaves, Rosenstein remains in the hierarchy overseeing Mueller, a justice officer said on Monday. Trump announces that Jeffrey Rosen will appoint a Deputy Minister of Transportation to fill this place, but another official may be appointed to the post.

Former US Head of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, criticized Barr's decision.

"The most important reason Barr recycles is not the ethical rules, but defeating his predecessor by refusing to suspend the examination of POTUS," Shaub posted on Twitter. “Do not confuse ethical officials as they relate to the issue. They're not."

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