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Attorney General William Barr said the Department of Justice had not uncovered any evidence of voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Barr was a loyal ally of Donald Trump and most recently encouraged U.S. lawyers to break with tradition to pursue “significant allegations” of voting irregularities, but he said the frauds uncovered were not large enough to affect the election result.

One of Georgia’s top officials made a passionate request to the president to end his election campaign, saying it “encourages people to commit acts of violence”. Gabriel Sterling, the Republican responsible for implementing the state’s new voting system, said if Trump did not control his supporters, “someone would kill him”.

‘You have to stop’: Georgian Republican says Trump’s election rhetoric leads to violence – video

Trump first publicly raised the idea of ​​running in the 2024 presidential election on Tuesday. – We’re trying to do it for another four years. Otherwise, we will meet in four years. He told the crowd at a white home reception where there were dozens of people close together without masks. The remarks also seemed to suggest that he was slowly accepting that he had lost the election.

The The Department of Justice is investigating the White House for “pardon bribery.”

The petition does not name individuals, but alleges that two people did not function properly as lobbyists to secure grace. Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The Department of Justice is investigating allegations that a system of “bribery for mercy” is in progress in the White House after a court filed allegations that an individual offered political pardon “in exchange for pardon or revocation of punishment.” The heavily revised submission does not name Trump or others. Trump is reportedly ready to introduce comprehensive grace in the final weeks of his office, starting with Michael Flynn, who was pardoned last month.

The president allegedly also discussed introducing preventive grace to his personal attorney and family members, the New York Times writes. The president is said to be concerned that under Joe Biden, the justice department could sue his children and son-in-law.

  • It’s Mary Trump to publish a new book About America’s national trauma after her uncle’s presidency ended. The Trump family tried unsuccessfully to block the publication of his first book, an exposé about his family, which became a bestseller. He is a prominent critic of Donald Trump.

Biden promised “help is on the way” for the U.S. economy

“Help is on the way,” Joe Biden says when he announces a new economic team – video

On Tuesday, Biden’s top economic advisers were officially introduced, promising to “create a recovery for everyone”. Candidates, including several key women leaders, supported public spending while boosting employment, reducing inequality and supporting those most affected by the pandemic.

But the appointment of one candidate is already surrounded by controversy. Neera Tanden, Biden’s election to the Office of Management and Budget, has deleted more than a thousand tweets, some of which have been critical of senators who may need to win to be confirmed.

The U.S. is holding its breath because of a suspicion of a coronavirus

The incubation time for Covid-19 means that it can take up to two weeks to see how much spread has occurred during Thanksgiving.

The incubation time for Covid-19 means that it can take up to two weeks to see how many infections occurred during Thanksgiving. Photo: Mark Felix / AFP / Getty Images

The U.S. is showing a sharp rise in coronavirus cases after millions opposed limiting Thanksgiving to spend time with their families. More than 150,000 people test positive for the coronavir in the country every day, a slight decrease from 172,000 the day before Thanksgiving. The Road Safety Bureau reported that 1.17 million people traveled on Sunday.

In Los Angeles, officials revoked the closure of the coronavirus test site to shoot a film. He was on the verge of backing after news came that the center would close due to processing of She’s All That teenage comedy. More than 500 people who had a test book were originally said to have been deleted.

  • The United Kingdom became the first Western country to approve vaccination, officials expect the first batches to be thrown out in the coming days. The Pfizer / BioNTech device has been approved for emergency use and has shown 95% efficiency in recent studies. The UK bought 40 million servings.

  • How the coronavirus affects rural hospitals: In Memphis, Missouri, a 25-bed hospital in a city of less than 2,000 residents is battling the coronavirus epidemic. One of the doctors treated his own father for the virus and most patients are known by name – some of them were teachers.

In other news…

Eat Just’s “chicken bite” will initially be available at a restaurant in Singapore.

Eat Just’s “chicken bite” will initially be available at a restaurant in Singapore. Photo: AndreyPopov / Getty Images / iStockphoto
  • Meat grown in the laboratory is first placed on the market, at a moment that is a milestone for the food industry. Farmed meat produced in bioreactors without slaughtering an animal has been approved by the Singapore Food Agency and could mark the beginning of a future where meat is produced without animal husbandry.

  • Lil Yase rapper was shot dead at a train station in the Gulf of California area, giving new life to the number of victims of armed violence in the region this year. In Los Angeles, 300 murders occurred for the first time in a decade this year.

  • The United States and the United Kingdom supported Australia In its deepening rift with China. The latest escalation of tension between Canberra and Beijing came after a Chinese official tweeted a digitally generated image showing an Australian soldier cutting off a child’s throat in Afghanistan. A U.S. State Department deputy spokesman described it as a “new low point”.

Daily statistics: Long-term care people make up 1% of the population, but Covid deaths account for 40%

The government body recommended that an early dose of the coronavirus vaccine be given first to healthcare workers and those in long-term care, that is, those living in nursing homes and assisted living. That would mean about 23 million Americans. According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, which formulated the recommendation, residents in long-term care make up only 1% of the U.S. population, but Covid-19 accounts for more than 40% of deaths.

Don’t miss this: Disney turns from a dream world into a nightmare with mass layoffs

Walt Disney recently announced the loss of an additional 4,000 jobs by the end of March, in addition to the 28,000 employees who began losing their jobs in October. Disney theme parks offer an idealized dream world, but for the employees, the epidemic turned them into a nightmare. Michael Sainato meets with employees struggling with the next steps.

Last thing: The restaurant where California politicians go to break their own policies

The French laundry offers a variety of dining experiences, including an outdoor meal with a tasting menu for $ 350 per person, an indoor meal for $ 450 per person, or a white truffle and caviar dinner for $ 1,200 per person.

The French laundry offers a variety of dining experiences, including an outdoor meal with a tasting menu for $ 350 per person, an indoor meal for $ 450 per person, or a white truffle and caviar dinner for $ 1,200 per person. Photo: California Dreamin / Alamy Stock Photo

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is put at a disadvantage after it turns out he attended a birthday party at The French Laundry, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant that Anthony Bourdain called “the best restaurant in the world, period”. He met seven other individuals of his kind, despite country-wide policies deterring gatherings with members of more than three households. Most memorable is that the move came just a day after California Governor Gavin Newsom did the same and attended a 12-person birthday party at the restaurant in early November.

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