Bears at the Packers Score: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, run over Chicago while Mitchell Trubisky stumbles on prime time

The Chicago Bears had hoped Mitchell Trubisky would embark on a return tour in his first start since Week 3 on Sunday night, but it turned out that even a change of quarterback could not save Windy City from a steady relapse. The Green Bay Packers looked right in front of the gate at the 12-week NFC North show, and thanks to the almost flawless performance of Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Matt LaFleur, the home team ran away with it in prime time. The Trubisky traffic trio, coupled with the collapse of the Chicago defense, was able to reinforce the Packers ’big win, a 41-25 road that holds Green Bay firmly in the division.

Sunday night’s decision confirmed that the two sides are moving in opposite directions. The Packers are now 8-3 and ahead of northern Chicago by three matches, not to mention home 4-1. The Bears, who were once at the top of the NFC after opening Season 5-1, have now lost five and are in danger of falling behind the striped Minnesota Vikings.

Here are some instant takeaways from the Packers route on Sunday night.

Why the Packers won

Their insult was basically unstoppable. It’s not much easier than that. Against a well-known defense, Aaron Rodgers easily flicked the ball, raising wide open targets and armed sideways with his remarkable pad of stable ground play. Matt LaFleur dialed plenty of simple carryovers for Aaron Jones early on, and Chicago had no answer to these, and Rodgers performed it when he found the Big Three in Davante Adams, Allen Lazard, and Robert Tonyan. Jamaal Williams ran almost as successfully in the gut when the score came out of his hands, combining with Jones to win more than 160 yards against the Bears front.

Defensively, the Pack seemed vulnerable outside the goal, but quickly took advantage of Mitchell Trubisky’s flawed deep shots (Darnell Savage gifted a couple of selections) before chilling the game on Chicago’s malicious O-line. Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith were predictably successful when they needed to keep warm on Trubisky.

Why the Bears lost

Two reasons, mainly: No. 1: they had no viable replacement for Akiem Hicks; and in 2nd place, they didn’t even get a small update at the quarterback. Let’s start with the latter: Mitchell Trubisky legally opened the night well, two red zone drops softened the otherwise promising return to the center. From that point on, however, he did more than hurt the Bears than help, perhaps even more than the injured Nick Foles; his two INTs were incredibly double-coverage goals, his second-quarter fumble resulted in a 27-3 lead for Green Bay and he dropped short jumping balls on the stretch several times. The game call didn’t always help: the Bears all left David Montgomery, despite an early 57-yard sprint.

The defense may have been disappointing given Trubisky’s already spotty career. Hicks ’absence left a gaping hole in the middle of the D-line, but the secondary also fell victim early and often, especially in the red zone where they had prospered before.

Turning point

First at the Bears, Packers 38. Green Bay have just driven 75 yards to raise a touchdown to 6-3 in the first, but Chicago is preparing to cut back with a second, downright promising own series. Then the ancient Trubisky raised his ugly head and tried to shoot a deep end-zone shot at a well-covered Darnell Mooney, essentially throwing the ball back into Green Bay. Although the game was still within three points at the time, this traffic exposed Trubisky, canceled the prospective goal lead, and created another hour-burning TD series for Green Bay. The game was never close from that point.

The game

Pass it on to Preston Smith, the great man who not only came down under Trubisky’s pressure, but also tracked down Mitch’s move and chased everyone to six, raising the Packers to 27-3:

What is the next step

The Packers (8-3) will return to Lambeau in Week 13 as they prepare to host the Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1), which arrives a short week after Monday’s match against Seattle. The Bears (5-6), meanwhile, will try to return to the 500 when they return to the Military Field to host rival Detroit Lions (4-7), who will be playing their first match since coach Pat Patricia was fired. .