Bears outperform Deshaun Watson, Texans

CHICAGO (AP) – Mitchell Trubisky has thrown three touchdown passes, surpassing Deshaun Watson in their first meeting since entering the NFL, and the Chicago Bears have kicked out a six-game defeat on Sunday with a 36-7 win over Houston Texans.

David Montgomery ran an 80-yard touchdown in Chicago’s first game that helped the Bears stop their worst slippage since the 2002 team dropped eight in a row to hit a franchise record. The Bears (6-7) kicked Watson seven times, along with the safety of Khalil Mack, bringing the career high to the Texas quarterback.

CEO Ryan Pace’s decision to choose Trubisky in 2nd place in 2017, when he could have gone with Watson or Patrick Mahomes, garnered more attention than usual this week. But on Sunday, the Chicago quarterback delivered.

Trubisky buried the Texas (4-9) in the first half and threw three TDs while the Bears took the 30-7 lead.

He made 24 of 33 passes in 267 yards against one of the NFL’s worst defenses. In his third start, he posted a 126.7 rating since returning to the lineup with Nick Foles (hip and buttocks) injured.

Montgomery concluded the fourth longest race in the history of the franchise and finished the season at 113 yards on 11 yards.

Allen Robinson caught nine passes for 123 yards, met the peak of the season and gave him 1,027 for the season. This is the second straight year he has reached 1,000 yards.

Mack played four games without a bag before getting Watson to safety in the second quarter. In the first period, he regained the tact from Duke Johnson, and in the second he diverted a pass.

Roquan Smith had two bags. And the monsters of Midway have come with their first victory since they defeated Caroline in week 6.

The NFL’s second-leading pass behind Mahomes, Watson in three uniforms after more than 300 games, was 21/30 at 219 yards.

Watson came on the field after Smith and Mack hit him and threw an unfinished pass at the end of the third into a third near the goal line. AJ McCarron was fired, putting an end to this threat. Watson returned for the next run.

Montgomery wasted no time and gave the Bears a lead when he broke through the line and exploded on the left. This coincided with the longest run of the Chicago Super Bowl era, with Neal Anderson going 80 yards against Green Bay on November 27, 1988.

Trubisky finished 14-0 early in the second quarter with a five-meter touch from Jimmy Graham. But the Texans responded quickly. With Johnson’s 48-yard bet, Watson set a 5-yard pass to Keke Coutee, making it a seven-point game.

Mack followed Bilal Nichols’ 10-yard bag by taking Watson off for safety. The Bears made 66 yards on the next round, with Darnell Mooney scoring 12 on a swing pass, leaving him 23-7 with 3:22 left in the half.

Trubisky gave Robinson a 3-yard TD with double coverage in the final seconds, giving Chicago a 23-point advantage in the locker room


Texans: S Justin Reid injured his hand in the first half and DT Brandon Dunn (hip) was injured in the fourth quarter. … WR Brandin Cooks was inactive due to leg and neck injuries and left Watson’s other main target.

Bears: CB Jaylon Johnson injured his shoulder.


Texans: Play in Indianapolis next Sunday.

Bears: Visit Minnesota next Sunday.