Before the first round of winter weather

All eyes are on the monthly forecast, but first we have to go through some rain first tonight because the low pressure system is pulling in from the shores of the bay and heading towards us. The total amount of rain tonight and Monday morning in most parts of the state should be between three-quarters of an inch and one inch. If the cold air is here, the fun begins. We are under winter weather advice, which takes effect at 4pm on Monday and lasts until 7am on Tuesday. This includes our entire field of view, downtown Kentucky and eastern Kentucky. As a result of this storm, the rain will turn into snow on Monday, and there will probably be slippery roads during ordinary commuting. Now let’s look at the details a little further. The transition from rain to snow appears to be around mid-Monday morning. But we’ll still be too hot to pick up the buildup. We work in the afternoon when the cold air sweeps and the temperature drops below freezing or falls to a slightly lower temperature, in which case the precipitation left over from the low pressure falls as snow. I think some of these showers will be able to pick up at a moderate pace, but most will be on the lighter side. Snow showers in eastern Kentucky continue until early Tuesday morning and then capsize Tuesday afternoon. The highest amount appears to be in northeast Kentucky, closer to the Morehead area and the Ohio state line. For much of central and eastern Kentucky, we give a general trace up to 3 inches that includes Lexington. Larger amounts of snow will still remain around I-75 and east, while up to 1 inch of coating is possible in western Kentucky. Keep in mind that the worst part of the trip is from Monday evening to Tuesday morning, at which point you need to be more careful if you have to travel.