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Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Israeli accused of bribery and fraud

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By Yuliya Talmazan and Paul Goldman

Israel's lawyer announced Thursday that Benjamin Netanyahu had been accused of corruption charges by his office after two years of investigation.

The Prime Minister takes a number of bribery and two numbers of breaches of fraud and trust.

Police had previously offered Netanyahu bribery, fraud and mistrust in three different cases.

The most serious allegations against Netanyahu are his relationship with Shaul Elovitch, the shareholders of the Israeli telecommunications giant Bezeq. The police propose prosecution on the matter, based on the evidence gathered, that Netanyahu's confidentialists supported regulatory changes over hundreds of millions of dollars for Bezeq. In return, they believe that Netanyahu used Elovitch's relationships to get a positive press release from the news site of Bezeq's popular affiliate, Walla. The police said their investigation had come to the conclusion that Netanyahu and Elovitch had a "bribe-based relationship".

The police also suggested that Elovitch, members of his family, and Bezeq's executive pay.

The police have previously suggested that Netanyahut is justified in two other cases of corruption charges. One involves accepting gifts from billionaire friends, and the second is about the alleged offers of preferential legislation for good coverage.

The 69's Netanyahu, serving the third prime minister and his fourth general office, has repeatedly denied the crimes and called for various witchcraft hunts to remove the office.

The prosecutor's general decision to publish his conclusions 39 days before the general election on 9 April raises the question of what impact the vote might have.

The Israeli media reported on Thursday that only a few hours before Mandelbl waited for Netanyahu's charge, Likud's party applied to the Supreme Court to stop the announcement before the election, on the grounds that Netanyahu would have an unfair influence on the possibilities for renegotiation. -choice. However, the court spokesman later confirmed in the afternoon that the petition had been rejected.

The indictment in Israeli history was first reported as a crime committed by a sitting prime minister.

In Israel, legal experts say that it can take a year to complete the hearing and two more years to hear the case.

While the Israeli prime ministers are not obligated to abandon the law if they are wound up, a prime test by the prime minister, if they run the country at the same time, would not be an area.

In response to the indictment, the Jerusalem-based Israeli Democracy Institute said that Netanyahu should carefully consider whether it would be best for the prime minister to remain or resign and focus on proving his case in the courts.

"We cannot ignore the serious potential damage that public confidence may cause to public institutions in a situation where the government is accused of a person who commits a crime for misuse of power," the statement said.

According to the institute, the timing of the announcement does not "have an inappropriate influence on the election" because "within a reasonable period of time before the elections, taking into account both the right of public knowledge and the desire not to interfere in the electoral process. "

President Donald Trump, with whom Netanyahu has established a close relationship, said:[Netanyahu’s] he did a great job as prime minister in response to the Hanoi question, where he held a summit with the head of North Korea.

"Hard, smart, strong," Trump said of the Israeli leader, but he did not comment on the charge.

Netanyahu returned back on Wednesday from a diplomatic mission to Moscow and met with President Vladimir Putin to prepare for the prosecution expected on Thursday.

Prosecutor General Avichai Mandelblit is Netanyahu's former Cabinet Secretary.

Although there was no stranger to the scandal, it was the first time Netanyahu was faced with the possibility of officially accusing a crime.

The luxury lifestyle of Netanyahu and his family – often at the expense of taxpayers – has been checked before. Nearly six years ago, Netanyahu was criticized for spending $ 127,000 on public money in a special bedroom for a five-and-a-half-hour flight to London for the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. It was only a few months after the Netanyahu family's tax-financed food costs were $ 2,700 for handmade pistachios and French vanilla ice cream.

Associated Press and David K. Li He contributed.

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