Bernie’s world sees Tanden as an OMB candidate

“Personally, I don’t know anyone in the world of Bernie who would be happy with this choice,” said Briahna Joy Gray, Sanders ’former national press secretary. “We’re talking about a woman who is famous for attacking Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager.”

Another 2020 assistant to Sanders, who refused to speak on the record, Tanden, a former Clinton employee and long-term adviser, was given a big slap in the face by the elected president’s economic team.

The bitterness between Sanders ’career and Tanden shows a long background: during Sanders’ career in 2019, Sanders wrote a fiery letter to the Center for Liberal American Progress, led by Tanden, accusing him of “maliciously underestimating my employees and supporters and progressive ideas. ”

Sanders also recorded a video for ThinkProgress, a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, accusing him of changing his rhetoric about millionaires after deducting royalties from a best-selling book. Tanden then said that ThinkProgress was “editorially independent” of both the CAP and the Action Fund, an explanation that the progressives considered dissuasive.

Around the same time, the New York Times reported that Tanden had hit Faiz Shakir, Sanders ’2020 campaign manager,“ chest ”years earlier when he was working as an editor for ThinkProgress, citing an anonymous source. He disputed this characterization, saying he “did not cheat” but pushed him away. Earlier, WikiLeaks ’emails revealed that he called ThinkProgress employees“ crazy leftists ”and did not advise supporting the $ 15 minimum wage, which is one of Sanders’ top political priorities.

“It’s like putting Chelsea Clinton in the office,” said Kurt Ehrenberg, Sanders ’former long-term strategic strategy in New Hampshire. “He’s obviously not a friend of the Democratic Party’s Sanders wing.”

Sanders ’supporters overturned his earlier proposal to“ reform the social security beneficiary structure ”and the fact that the ThinkProgress union newspaper space was laid off during his tenure.

A person close to Tanden said he made these remarks about Social Security when President Barack Obama did pretty much the same, and is now in close agreement with Bidendel, who called for the program to be expanded. The U.S. Center for Progress remained neutral in its dealings with ThinkProgress unions, the person said, and the site was shut down due to declining advertising revenue and a change in social media algorithm, not the union.

He was defended by a Biden interim officer as an experienced and historic choice. Tanden Native American.

“This is the first time I can recall that the director of OMB, who is responsible for determining the federal budget, will be a person who actually grew up in Section 8 houses and grew up on food stamps,” the official added.

According to Paco Fabian, director of campaign and communications for Our Revolution, founded by Sanders, Tanden “certainly doesn’t choose unity,” and “it’s no secret that the Progressive and Neera Tanden haven’t come together on several issues in recent years. He added that he tends to “hit the left, instead of focusing here on the real opponent, which is the Republican Party and money in politics”.

While his former employees have spent the past two days blasting in Tanden in online and private forums, Sanders and his current aides listened to his nomination – a reflection of the fact that the Vermont senator and his deadlords often pursue different political strategies. Sanders spokesman Mike Casca declined to comment on this story. Sanders did not echo other liberal senators such as Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) And Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) when he praised Tandent this week on social media and didn’t join his fans who criticized him.

Tandent is also on fire from the right, which is expected to be more of an obstacle for him unless the Democrats win the upcoming two Georgian Senate races. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) described it as “radioactive”.

“It’s very crazy for me to think he can go back and … eliminate all the tweets he’s sent in the last few months, anywhere, months, years.” And I think it’s really a misstep on the part of the administration, ”he said.

One former Sanders assistant said it is possible that he will vote against the confirmation of Tanden, or possibly use it as a tool to win progressive appointments in the Biden administration. But several other former Sanders employees and consultants say he is unlikely to oppose his confirmation, pointing out that he has worked harmoniously with Biden in recent months. Sanders is currently applying for Biden’s employment secretary.

“The real problem here is Republicans, not Bernie,” a person close to Sanders said, referring to Tanden’s ratification process.

It’s unclear if Tanden has tried to offer an oil branch to Sanders or his helpers since Biden touched him. Biden’s transition team did not answer the question about potential dissemination. But after the pre-election was over, he publicly signaled his appreciation for Sanders, saying he was “a huge force in uniting the party” during his campaign for Biden.

Other activists in the progressive movement took a different view of Tanden, saying there was a worse alternative to running the Office of Administration and Budget: Bruce Reed, a “missing ladder,” a domestic policy adviser under the Clinton administration. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) Progressive MPs signed a petition last week against the appointment of Reed. (Supporters of Reed argued that it would not place a deficit in front of working families.)

“Neera Tanden is not a pick chosen by the progressives, but she is better than Bruce Reed,” Alexandra Rojas, executive director of the left-wing group Justice Democrats, said in a statement. “Tanden is a record for recent years and has repelled pointless worries about the shortage. Reed has been a whole ideologically lacking falcon throughout his career.

Robert Hockett, a former Sanders consultant and Cornell Law School professor, says progressives ’frustration with Tanden overshadows the fact that other selections from Biden’s economic team, such as Heather Boushey, Cecilia Rouse and Jared Bernstein, are positive developments for the left.

“I’m as anxious as anyone about Neera’s announcement,” he said. But the other nods are “a significant improvement over what, of course, we could expect not only under the Trump administration, but even under the Obama administration”.