Biden elects the advisers, the Senate listens

This is where Wednesday’s election will take place in the 2020 elections.

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“AMERICA BACK”: President-elect Joe Biden unveils his national security team, his first substantive offer on how he will move away from Trump-era “America First” politics by relying on the experts of a democratic organization for its most important advisers. Biden’s Washington veterans are all linked to the Obama administration as the president-elect wanted to send a clear message of his desire to restore the U.S.’s more predictable role on the global stage.

BIDEN’S TEAM: Biden’s first waves of cabinet elections and the choices of White House staff appreciated the retaining power over stellar power, and placed the premium on government experience and skill as it seeks to rebuild an exhausted and demoralized federal bureaucracy. Partly with respect to selection, who may need to seek approval from a Republican-controlled senate, Biden has prioritized the selection of trained professionals while avoiding excellent names..

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SENATE SWAY: As Biden began building his administrative team, one voice in particular fell silent: Mitch McConnell, the Senate’s majority leader. Senate Republicans Will Strongly Confirm or Reject Biden’s Cabinet Candidates, regardless of which party controls the narrowly divided Senate after the Georgian elections. But key Republican senators, including the GOP leader, are still silent.

TRUMP VENTS: President Donald Trump insists he will not give up his fight to overthrow the election results, but the federal government as a whole is seriously beginning preparations to support Biden’s incoming administration. Career federal officials opened the doors of agencies in front of hundreds of temporary assistants in preparation for Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20. And Trump has signed to allow Biden to receive high-rated national intelligence briefings.

GOP SUES: Republicans have filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Supreme Court to block verification of presidential election results. A recalculation of his victory over Biden Trump is underway. The lawsuit reflects many of the arguments Trump argues for trying unsuccessfully to discount tens of thousands of ballots during the recount. At least 10 cases have been filed nationwide to stop certification in some or all of the major battlefield states.. None were successful.

QUOTABLE: “The contrast between Biden’s and Trump’s selections is like day and night: Biden’s selections are capable, meaningful, and play well together in the sandbox. Biden prefers people he has known for decades. Trump chose Rex Tillerson because he thought he looked like the Secretary of State. – Steve Rattner, former economic adviser to Obama, after Biden introduced his national security team.


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