Biden gets a small number of votes in Milwaukee County after Trump asked for a recount

The results showed Biden gaining 132 net votes, President Donald Trump receiving 134,482 and Biden receiving 317,527 votes after the recount, Milwaukee County Canvassers Council announced Friday night.

But more than 27,000 ballots, part of the count, are set aside after two objections to the Trump campaign.

The campaign objected to more than 25,000 absentee ballots handed down by individuals called “unrestrictedly restricted”, which allowed them to vote in absentia due to pandemic fears.

The campaign also objected to 2197 “healed” ballots, a legally permissible action in which an election official fills in missing information on a ballot envelope that was often identified because the official did it with ink other than the voter.

The Milwaukee County Official’s office said the Trump campaign has indicated it will appeal the certification decision based on a debate based on these segregated votes.

In the other county, which is part of the state recount, Dane is expected to complete his recount in the coming days. The state must verify its results by Tuesday.

CNN predicts Biden will win Wisconsin, turning the state blue after Trump wins in 2016.