Biden increases the voting gap over Trump after Milwaukee County recount

The recount paid by the Trump campaign in Milwaukee County ended Friday, with 132 votes added to the elected president Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden widens vote gap over Trump after Milwaukee County Krebs said foreign intervention claims the 2020 election’s “wolf” new DOJ rule could allow executions by electric shock, MORE firing squadvictory limit.

The results came seven days after the countdown of nearly 460,000 ballots began, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote. This ended by increasing Biden’s total by 257 votes, from 317,270 to 317,527.

Trump’s final bill was raised by 125 votes, for a total of 134,482.

Milwaukee city officials found 386 unopened and countless missing ballots, which the Canvassers Board unanimously voted to open and count, the newspaper noted. Another 65 ballots were incorrect on Wednesday, but they were not accounted for by Friday.

Milwaukee County official George Christenson said last week that Trump observers objected to almost every vote intended to be counted.

“It’s not our job to train their observers for what they observe,” he said. “They clearly don’t know what they’re doing, so they keep asking. And we told the Trump campaign that he had to tell his people what he was doing here because they were protesting against any vote. “

On Friday, Christenson ended the recount by calling the process “transparent and fair”.

“Election workers examined each ballot, the meticulous narrative of each properly cast vote, a transparent process that allowed the public to observe, a fair process that allowed the aggrieved candidate seeking recounting the opportunity to observe. Objection to the ballot which they say do not count, ”he said.

The president’s election campaign paid $ 3 million for a partial recount of the November 3 election in two historically blue counties, Milwaukee and Dane.

Danish county official Scott McDonell said on Friday that the recount had been completed by 65 per cent and is expected to end on Sunday.

The branch noted that the recount should be completed by December 1, the deadline set by state law, which requires the Election Commission to certify the results.

Biden won Wisconsin by nearly 21,000 votes, one of the states he turned over this year after Trump won it in 2016.