Biden introduces a new accessory: a hiking boot

WILMINGTON, Dela – The president-elect of the United States walked on a flagship stage on Tuesday to introduce the economic team, which he hopes will steer the nation through turmoil.

In doing so, he introduced the country to a less welcome companion: his walking shoes.

After a slip when one of his dogs, a shelter called Major, was playing with a German shepherd over the weekend, elected 78-year-old Joseph R. Biden Jr. President Mr. Biden’s office and doctor suffered a hairline crack in his right leg. The black boots were a souvenir of the injury that poked out the leg of Mr. Biden’s signed navy blue pants.

“Good,” Mr. Biden replied to a shouted question about how his feet felt when he arrived at the Queen’s Theater, an event space near his home. She continued show up the trunk of the cameras, quickly raising his knees to display the idea.

Later, after the team introduced themselves and walked the stage, Mr. Biden had further questions about the injury. It flashed a great signal to the gathered members of the news media.

The health of an elected president is always a vital national interest, especially for Mr. Biden, who, upon his inauguration, will be the oldest president in American history. Although he provided health information during the campaign, he did not always receive his health protocols in the age of the coronavirus.

In the wake of the campaign, Mr Biden often laughed at his age issues – despite significant reservations, especially during pre-election, among some voters – instructing skeptics to watch him in action across parades and stages. He also discussed Peloton’s workouts and weight programs.

Mr Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, said in a statement on Sunday that the elected president had kept the fractures “in the middle”. Dr. O’Connor also said Mr Biden “will probably need walking boots for a few weeks”.

Mr. Biden spent Monday in the spotlight, practically meeting employees and talking to foreign executives. On Tuesdays, however, the trunk was sometimes visible as Mr. Biden stood behind a lecture hall, showcasing his workplace decisions affecting the economy and changing his weight from time to time.

“He seemed to move without particular difficulty, although he liked the injured leg,” when he entered for his remarks, the journalist reporting to the press conference told the rest of the media. A Biden spokesman did not answer more detailed questions about the injury – did Mr. Biden catch his dog? Did they walk? – or how Mr. Biden felt.

Mr. Biden, who also has another German Shepherd named Champ, has long been a dog owner. Bob Markel, a friend since childhood, said that about 50 years ago, Mr. Biden told him that his two dogs at the time had been named governors and senators.

“They were big dogs,” Mr. Markel recalled. “They were big, as were apparently the ones he just got and were taking to the White House.

Bob Brady, a former representative from Pennsylvania, Biden’s longtime ally, said he “didn’t meet Major, but I met Champ,” and called the pet “beautiful.”

“You probably threw something, it could be a toy,” he said, speculating on Mr. Biden’s injury. – I talked to your guys. All right, all right.

Mr. Biden preached a message of national unity, and Mr. Brady, referring to future reports on Biden’s pets, suggested that the President-elect also lend a hand to feline fans.

“I heard he was going to get a cat,” he said.