Biden is considering Mike Morell as CIA chief. Senator Key Dem says not to hesitate.

President-elect Joe Biden is strongly considering Mike Morell, the former acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency to lead the CIA, according to four individuals who are familiar with the matter. But those familiar with the process say other candidates are still in the nation’s top spy boss position.

Morell served as the CIA’s deputy director under President Barack Obama for three years, and twice as the agency’s acting director. Three of the four sources familiar with the case said the elected president considered both Morell and Avril Hains, another former deputy director of the CIA, for the post. However, in a statement on Monday afternoon, Biden selected Haines, a former deputy director of the CIA and, under Obama, a deputy national security adviser as director of national intelligence.

Two of the sources mentioned above said Biden was also considering Tom Donilon for the post. Donilon was Obama’s national security advisor and has deep roots in Bidenworld. His brother, Mike Donilon, has already been elected White House chief adviser to the president-elect.

Another name for the mix is ​​Jeh Johnson, a former director of the Department of Homeland Security. But others have told The Daily Beast that Johnson is considering the role of attorney general. As one source said about current staffing considerations, “Too many people, too few chairs.”

Biden’s presidential change team declined to comment.