Biden is expected to present key members of the economic team on Tuesday

Biden and Harris on Monday announced several economic candidates who would write history if confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Their economic team includes: Janet Yellen, who would be the first woman to serve as finance minister; Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo, who would be the first black deputy finance minister; Cecilia Rouse, who would be the first woman of color to chair the Council of Economic Advisers; and Neera Tanden, who will be the first colorful woman and the first South Asian American to be the director of the Office of Administration and Budget.

He also announced plans to appoint Jared Bernstein, Biden’s long-term economic adviser, and Heather Boushey, one of Biden’s chief economic policy advisers during the campaign, as a member of the Economic Advisory Council. Bernstein and Boushey do not need ratification of the Senate.

Biden quickly moved to build his administration and named a diverse group of key White House senior advisors and cabinets. The president-elect has long pledged to create an administration that looks and reflects the country’s diversity.

Yellen has been in history as the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve. He previously served as Vice Chairman of the Board for four years, and prior to that as President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for four years. From 1997 to 1999, Yellen was also chairman of the White House Economic Advisory Council.

Adeyemo is currently president of the Obama Foundation. During the Obama administration, he held a number of roles, including the president’s senior international economic adviser, deputy national security adviser, deputy director of the National Economic Council, first chief of staff in the Office of Consumer Financial Protection, and senior adviser and deputy chief of staff. in the treasury department.

Tanden is the CEO and president of the left-leaning Center for American Progress and the CEO of the American Progress Action Fund. Tanden was previously a health advisor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He was the director of domestic politics for the Obama campaign and the political director for Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign. The Tanden announcement provoked more outrage than any candidate so far, with progressive Democrats and Republicans expressing opposition.

Rouse served as dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and as a professor of economics and public life at Princeton University. He was previously a member of President Barack Obama’s Economic Advisory Board and served on the Clinton Government’s National Economic Council as a special assistant to the president.

Boushey was one of Biden’s chief economic policy advisers during the campaign and was appointed a member of the Council of Economic Advisers. Boushey Biden is a long-term economic advisor, currently president and CEO of the Equitable Growth Center in Washington, D.C., a nonprofit organization he founded in 2013.

Bernstein has long been Biden’s economic adviser and has been appointed a member of the Council of Economic Advisers. Bernstein was previously executive director of the White House Task Force at the middle class and was economic advisor to President Barack Obama. He was also a senior deputy economist in the Department of Labor under President Bill Clinton.