Biden relies on the talent of the Obama era for top positions

President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenPro-Trump protesters, counter-protesters and police clash in DC on election day, according to Castro, “there is still work to be done” on Biden’s cabinet diversity. According to Robert Zoellick, human rights and European relations play a key role in Biden’s foreign policy MORE intends to expand the staff of its cabinet and the White House, and relies heavily on officials who have served in the Obama administration and with whom he has previously worked to fill his leadership team.

Senior positions in the White House, such as chief of staff, national security adviser and director of the White House Internal Policy Council, as well as cabinet positions such as secretary of state and director of national intelligence, have gone to people working in the Obama administration.

And while Biden’s incoming administration focused on racial and gender diversity — giving a handful of key roles to women and colorful people — his choices took on few new faces, and the top positions were given to the people alongside Obama years ago, or he worked before him.

“He is an individual who believes that politics is about personal relationships and, as a result, I think he wants to surround himself with people he knows and trusts,” said Charles Kupchan, who was its European director for national security. Led by President Obama.

“He wants the White House to feel like a bigger family.” He’s a family man, and he thinks about politics through the lens of relationships, ”Kupchan continued.

Roughly two dozen people worked in the Obama administration, whom Biden appoints to his cabinet and tapped into White House roles. Two officials repeat previous roles: Tom VilsackTom VilsackUSDA: Cross-farm programs help schools eat healthier meals. NIGHT MONEY: The house is ready to hand over the debt ceiling, nominated as Secretary of Agriculture, and Murthy VivekVivek Murthy Asian lawmakers: ‘Unacceptable’ if Biden does not nominate AAPI cabinet secretary MORE, Biden is a general surgeon.

Some of those who fill Biden’s team have known him for decades.

Tony Blinken, Biden’s candidate for foreign minister, has advised Biden for nearly two decades as the director of personnel on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of which Biden was chairman in the 1990s. Chief of Staff of Biden, Ron KlainRon Klain: Hill’s morning report – presented by Facebook – COVID-19 vaccine is moving forward. Congress? Biden isn’t so much a team of insiders to campaign MORE in Georgia for Senate Democrats, served as Chief Adviser to the Senate Judiciary Committee when Biden chaired in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

His choices were at odds with the current Trump administration that was being put together President TrumpDonald Trump: A man was shot in Washington State during a violent election protest. Trump-pro protesters, counter-protesters, and police clashed in DC after election protests on election day. COVID-19 infections spread rapidly, while officials continued to distribute the vaccines.his decree “to drain the swamp,” and hosted a number of officials unfamiliar with Washington, especially in the White House.

Biden has emerged from a deep well of Obama-era officials for his leading team as he opposes plucking prospective Senate candidates, where any vacancy could jeopardize Democrat power in the upper house. So far, he has only elected one MP, the MP. Marcia FudgeMarcia FudgeBiden plays insider team NIGHT DEFENSE: Biden taps Obama ex-leader to VA | Stoppage pauses in the midst of stagnation SCOTUS refers to rape cases in the military Fudge: “I can do as much” at HUD as agriculture MORE (D-Ohio), in his office as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

When Biden recently announced that he had retired from the army General Lloyd AustinLloyd AustinBiden relies on Obama-era talent for top positions. Five facts about Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Pentagon election Biden’s Pentagon election MORE Commit Democrats as a choice for the Secretary of Defense, he stressed that he had met Austin as early as the vice president when Obama entrusted him with overseeing the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Biden also noted that his now-deceased son, Beau, had served in Austin’s army.

The choice of Austin to be the first African-American to certify the Pentagon surprised many in the national security community who believed Michèle Flournoy was best suited to take the role because of his service during the Pentagon’s top positions. the Clinton and Obama administrations.

“Michèle has never been Biden’s inner circle,” said Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “Michèle is not as close a Biden staff member over the years as Tony Blinken was, or such a [national security adviser pick] Jake SullivanJake Sullivan: Terrorism – at home and abroad – is renewed under the brackets in Biden Washington because of the clash of defense budgets. Biden’s foreign policy team is surprisingly lacking in diversity became. “

While O’Hanlon stated he did not oppose Austin’s nomination, he noted that Austin’s primary experience was in the Middle East and said he needed to be more aware of the emerging threats from nations like China and Russia.

“It has to coincide with one of the three big things that is the most important thing for the 2020 Secretary of Defense – China, Russia and technology,” O’Hanlon said. – It’s okay as long as you know what you don’t.

The management of Biden’s cabinet has sparked skepticism on the part of some liberals who believe it has so far left little room for progressive voices and emerging party leaders. He was particularly disappointed by the advanced, given Vilsack’s connections to the agricultural sector, as he chose Vilsack as his agricultural secretary for the second time.

Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said progressors welcomed some of Biden’s appointments and nominations, but hoped for more gradual representation in the administration.

Green’s organization compiled a list of thousands of individuals serving on the staff of certain agencies and submitted it to the Biden-Harris transition team.

“In general, the focus has shifted a lot since 2009. Ron Klain is roughly 180 years old from Rahm Emmanuel,” Green Obama said, referring to the first White House chief of staff. “Rahm Emmanuel couldn’t wait to exclude. Progressives from the room and spitting on progressive faces.”

“We’re having a good time with that,” Klain said of the selection, among others Janet YellenJanet Louise YellenMatt Yglesias said the Biden cabinet selections “provide an extraordinary look back” for the Obama administration. Joe Biden’s Economic Challenge, Biden to Select Retired General Lloyd Austin as Next Secretary of Defense on behalf of the Minister of Finance: “but so far there are no movement for cabinet-level posts.”

The transition team has unveiled roughly half of Biden’s cabinet nominations so far, meaning the full picture of his team hasn’t been painted yet. Nonetheless, selections of top administrative roles presented this week illustrated the close relationship between the team and Obama over the years.

Susan RiceSusan RiceBiden relies on the talent of the Obama era for leadership positions. Biden is asking Americans to “trust” the vaccines. Hill’s morning report – presented by Facebook – COVID-19 vaccine is moving forward. Congress? Not so MORE, a trusted Obama aide who has held several roles in his administration, returns to the White House under the leadership of Biden to head the Domestic Policy Council while the president-elect Denis McDonoughDenis Richard McDonough: Frustrated with the shaping of the Biden cabinet as advocates for representation in Congress? Not so MORE, Obama was former chief of staff as a candidate for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) leadership. McDonough’s selection embarrassed some veteran groups, given that he himself was not a veteran, a trait all of which he possessed except the previous VA secretary.

Biden also announced two other Obama alumni for the lead roles last month: Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence and Alejandro MayorkasAlejandro Mayorkas, the Spanish Caucasus, is stepping up pressure on the cabinet. Hill’s morning report – presented by Facebook – Congress is moving to prevent a halt as virus talks get stuck again. Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS). Haines has held a senior national security role in the Obama administration, including as CIA deputy director from 2013 to 2015, and Mayorkas as DHS deputy secretary from 2013 to 2016.

William Howell, a political scientist and political professor at Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, said Biden’s election so far reflects the president-elect’s desire to turn a paper on the Trump administration and restore the country and economy amid health in the midst of a coronary epidemic.

He also said it was no particular surprise that Biden had not experienced more progressive voices to fill high-level positions as Biden sought to make himself moderate during the campaign.

“His party’s left wing will put him under pressure, but I think he now has the work of restoration and moderation, and that will be the hallmarks of his presidency,” Howell said. “So it’s no big surprise that the first person you turn to fulfills that bill.