Biden said Trump should be involved in its inauguration in order for America’s “image”

President-elect Joe Biden says it’s important, for the sake of appearances, that President Trump attend his inauguration – although as far as he is concerned, “it has no personal consequences.”

Trump, who continues to dispute the election results, has not said he intends to be there when Biden takes the oath of office on January 20th.

In an interview broadcast Thursday night, Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the gesture “will be important in the sense that at the end of the chaos he creates, we can show that there is a peaceful transfer of power, with rival parties standing, shaking hands and moving forward. “

The president-elect said he was concerned about “the image presented to the rest of the world”.

“Look where we’re in the world right now,” Biden said. – See how they look at us. They think, “Sir, these things are happening in tinhorn dictatorships.” This is not it – not the United States.

Trump and his allies refuse to acknowledge the election results, which show that Biden defeated the incumbent both in the referendum (81,029,173 votes for Trump’s 74,122,605 votes) and in the Electoral College (306 votes against 232 votes) – Trump the same difference from his victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016).

After most presidential elections have been called, the losing candidate acknowledges the competition in the winner’s phone conversation, gives a concessional speech and undertakes to attend the ceremonial handover on the inauguration day – including a traditional meeting between the departing and incoming first families. .

President Trump will shake hands with former Vice President Joe Biden as he looks at former President Barack Obama’s 2017 inauguration ceremony. (Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

On the 2017 Inauguration Day, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed Trump, then elected, and the incoming First Lady, Melania Trump, into the White House, and the Obamas attended Trump’s inaugural address.

Trump, who hinted during the campaign that Biden was both senile and criminal, did not make such an invitation. Reports suggest he wants to launch his 2024 campaign with a demonstration at the same time.

His administration, after being stuck for a few weeks, reluctantly began working with Biden’s transition team.

“I think the protocol of the transfer of power is important,” Biden said. – But it’s entirely his decision, and this – I have no personal consequences. But I think it’s for the country. “

Cover thumbnail: Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images


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