Biden says he will lay off White House staff if they don’t treat each other with respect

Hours after his oath, President Joe Biden sent a notice to the United Nations that the United States would reinstate the Paris Climate Agreement, an international milestone agreement signed in 2015 to curb global warming, signaling Biden’s urgency in tackling the climate crisis.

The United States terminated the agreement late last year at the behest of former President Trump. Trump spent most of his time in office to weaken the country’s bedrock climate and environmental barriers.

Experts say joining Paris is a significant step for the Biden government to reverse climate policy over the past four years.

Now comes the hard work: While taking the reins of the executive, the challenges Biden faces 45 of its predecessors – an out-of-control epidemic, a scattered economy and the threat of right-wing extremist violence triggered by viral misinformation.

Biden’s action against Paris sends a strong message that the United States is ready to cooperate in the fight against climate change and is trying to regain its former leadership, experts say. Under the agreement, countries are expected to increase their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions every five years.

In 30 days, the US will return to the agreement. From then on, experts expect the pressure on the Biden administration to accelerate.