Biden says the family will have a “small group” around the Thanksgiving table, urging Americans to sacrifice gatherings

President-elect Joe Biden called on Americans to sacrifice this Thanksgiving day by leaving large gatherings and noted that his own family is giving up its traditions to comply with corona virus guidelines.

Biden said his large family usually gathers in Nantucket for the holiday, but instead this year and with his wife, Jill Bidendel, they would hold a “small group” around their dinner table in Delaware.

“I know a lot of us didn’t expect us to spend our vacation.” We know it’s a tiny stay at home gift to our American peers, ”the president-elect wrote in a clip posted on Twitter.

“It’s a personal sacrifice that all of our families can and must make to save someone’s life. But it is also a common sacrifice for the whole country, ”he continued.

The United States recently set a new record of 2 million new cases of coronavirus in two weeks.


Nevertheless, Biden gave hope that “better days are coming”.

“I know more beautiful days are coming. I know how bright our future is. I know the 21st century will be an American century. “

Jill Biden then thanked the cutting-edge workers and acknowledged those who had lost loved ones to COVID-19.

“We are grateful to the millions of Americans who worked on the front during the pandemic. Who take care of our patients, who help put food on our table, who teach our children, who wear uniforms to serve our nation and the families who love them. We are grateful to everyone who kindly met this moment, brought food to their neighbors, or asked, “How can I help?” For every small business owner who puts their employees and community in front of them. ”

“A lot of people are celebrating this year knowing that someone they love will never take a seat at the table again. Joe and I know the pain of the empty chair. If you are one of these families, please know that our hearts are with you and that you know that you are not alone, ”he continued.

Health experts and lawmakers across the country have called on Americans not to travel during the holiday, and many have banned gatherings greater than 10. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control last week issued guidelines recommending travel.

Yet the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) screened more than 3 million people last weekend, a record weekend since coronavirus closures began in mid-March.


Thursday morning, Jill and Joe Biden wrote an option for CNN. “This year, our turkey will be smaller and the snap of cooking will be a little quieter. There will be no family walks in the cold or playful quarrels between the grandchildren. Like millions of Americans, we are temporarily letting go of traditions that we cannot safely do, ”they wrote.

Meanwhile, for the first time since President Trump took office, he has not spent his Thanksgiving at the resort of Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Although the president initially traveled to Palm Beach for the vacation, Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s first lady spokeswoman, tweeted last week that the Trumps had decided to stay in the White House instead.

During Wednesday’s annual proclamation, Trump also thanked those who had to stay separate from their families, pointing to overseas service members.

“In this period of gratitude, we also recognize those who cannot be with their families. This includes brave American patriots in our armed forces who selflessly defend our sacred freedom at home and abroad,” he said.

He continued: “We take a break to remember the victims of our law enforcement staff and first aiders. We are deeply grateful for all those who continue to watch over the holidays and keep us safe as we celebrate and give thanks for the blessings of our lives.”

Biden also gave a speech on Wednesday, focusing on the need to make sacrifices when the virus intensified.


“Our country is in the middle of a dramatic peak in cases. We are averaging 160,000 new cases a day, “the president-elect said, warning once again that Americans are” long, hard, wintery. “