Biden says the transition team is already in talks with Trump’s administrative officials

Now that a Defined by the General Services Administration President-elect Joe Biden he has access to the federal government’s transitional assets, and formal talks are already underway between Mr. Biden’s team and Trump’s administrative officials, the incoming president said Tuesday.

Shortly after CBS News confirmed that the former vice president would have access to the presidential day’s briefing, Mr. Biden told NBC Lester Holt about the access his team would get to current administrative officials. Since the GSA’s letter of deduction on Monday night, Mr Biden said national security officials had been given “immediate” information, adding that he now had access to daily briefings and his team was discussing vaccinations with the White House’s coronavirus task force. dissemination.

“And I have to say the relationship was sincere,” he told Mr. Biden Holt.

Earlier on Tuesday, when asked by journalists if he would accept a meeting with President Trump if offered, Mr. Biden replied, “Of course I would if you asked.” So far, Mr. Trump has made no reference to inviting Mr. Biden to the White House and refuses to agree.

Several White House officials told CBS News that White House cabinet chief Mark Meadows had sent a reminder to staff telling them that the White House “adheres to all necessary measures to ensure a smooth transfer of power.” Bloomberg first reported the existence of the memo.

“Unless specifically authorized personnel are allowed to speak directly to a member of the Biden Transitional Group or the Federal Transitional Coordinator,” the memorandum states.

The GSA’s collaboration also means Biden’s team will have access to the $ 6.3 million earmarked for interim activities, as well as federal office space.

Biden’s agency review team of dozens, mostly volunteers you can now access agencies to access critical information about agency processes and their latest work.

The FBI says it can now begin background checks on potential appointees after receiving written requests from the elected president’s office. The FBI is working to thoroughly investigate candidates as soon as possible. The results of the background check will be provided to the requesting agency.

Biden introduces his national security team


Andy Triay contributed to the report.