Biden suffers a hairline crack while playing with a dog

President-elect Joe Biden suffered a hairline crack in his right leg over the weekend due to an injury that is likely to require walking boots for several weeks, his doctor said Sunday.

The breaks occurred when Biden played one of Bidens ’two German shepherds, Major, on Saturday.

Secret service agents guard the Delaware Imaging Network building in Newark, Del Dela, where President-elect Joe Biden was treated on Sunday for a hairline crack in his right leg.

Officials initially believed the president-elect would twist his ankle, and his personal doctor, Kevin O’Connor, later said Biden had twitched his right leg and the x-ray did not appear to show “obvious” fractures.

But follow-up CT scans revealed minor fractures in Biden’s lateral and middle cuneiform bones in the middle of his right leg, said O’Connor, of the Washington Washington University School of Medicine.

“It’s expected that you’ll probably need walking boots for several weeks,” O’Connor said.

President Donald Trump responded to the video that Biden left his Delaware orthopedic office on Sunday, tweeting, “Heal soon!”