Biden will have access to the President’s daily briefing

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) – Joe Biden was his first look at the president-elect in the president’s Daily Brief, a top-secret summary of U.S. intelligence and world events – Michelle Obama’s former first lady was named “Death, Destruction”. and Book of Horrible Things. “

Biden has already looked at the various iterations of the so-called PDB, which is designed so that every president likes to absorb information.

More than a decade ago, Biden read President George W. Bush’s preliminary draft budget when Biden took over as vice president. He then read President Barack Obama’s preliminary draft budget for eight years. After a four-year hiatus from Monday, he will read President Donald Trump’s PDB.

“The instructors will almost certainly ask Biden what he likes in form and style,” said David Priess, author of the President’s Book of Secrets, the history of the ERC. “At least they see what seems best to backfire on them so that when they make a book their book, they can tailor it.”

Obama’s PDB was a 10- to 15-page document placed in a leather binder he was waiting for him at the breakfast table. Later, during his presidency, he enjoyed reading the ultra-secret intelligence briefing on a secure iPad.

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“Michelle” called it a book of death, destruction, and horrors, “Obama wrote in his recent book,” The Promised Land. ”

“One day, I read about terrorist cells in Somalia or the riots in Iraq, or whether the Chinese or Russians are developing new weapons systems,” Obama wrote. “Potential terrorist acts, whether obscure, thin sources or inoperable, have almost always been discussed – a form of due diligence on the part of the intelligence community has meant avoiding secondary speculations that occurred after 9. / 11. ”

From now until the inauguration day, Biden and elected vice president Kamala Harris will read the PDB for Trump, who delayed Biden and Harris ’access while disputing the election results.

Trump, who prefers visual absorption of information, likes short texts and graphics.

“Trump himself said during his campaign and during the 2016 transition that he doesn’t like to read long documents – he prefers bullets,” said Priess, who didn’t see one of Trump’s preliminary draft budgets. – You probably have charts, tables, graphs – things like that. It’s not the parody that people create that it’s like a cartoon book, but something that’s more visual. But we don’t know for sure.

The written briefing, which Trump does not always read, is often followed by an oral briefing with an intelligence officer, although these oral briefings were suspended for at least one time in October. Priess said he didn’t know why they stopped or continued, but they stopped at a time when Trump spent most of his time on the campaign trail.

Before Trump authorized Biden to become the president’s elected president, Biden received some intelligence background briefings as a candidate. But they were more general and did not contain the top secrets of the nation.

The other thing the president-elect will receive is a “briefing on the CIA’s covert actions,” Mike Morell, former CIA executive director, said at the event hosting the Washington-based Presidential Transition Center. “It’s important that the president-elect gets this briefing … because on the inauguration day, these hidden actions will belong to the new president.”

In 1961, as President John F. Kennedy retired in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, he read the first lecture while sitting on a diving board in a swimming pool. President Lyndon Johnson loved to read his agenda this afternoon. President Richard Nixon relied on his national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, to study the underpants and tell him what he thinks of the president.

As soon as the arduous recount of ballot papers dragged on in 2000, President Bill Clinton decided to take the then government. George W. Bush should be given access to his preliminary draft budget in case he became the winner. Bush became the first incoming president to read it before he was elected president.

Biden will receive the preliminary draft budget later than usual because Trump is constantly protesting against the election results. Trump last Tuesday, a day after his administration approved the official transition, approved Biden’s briefings successor to the process.

When Biden enters the Oval Office, he will inherit the nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran, changing the political dynamics in the Middle East, ending America’s presence in Afghanistan, and China’s growing competition.

Biden had access to the PDB in Wilmington, Delaware. Harris received it in the Department of Commerce’s secure room, where the President’s temporary offices are located.

Even Biden, who has decades of foreign policy experience, may be the victim of an old political proverb that no matter how informed he thinks he is, he could learn differently from the PDB.

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden wrote in his book that the revelations and new insights in the PDB are called “aw s —” moments. Like, “Aw s —,” he wrote, “I wish we hadn’t said that during the campaign in Buffalo.


Riechmann reported from Washington.