Biden will visit Wisconsin on his first official trip next week

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden will visit Wisconsin on his first official trip next week as president, attending a Milwaukee TV town hall.

Biden will raise questions at a socially isolated, invited-only event hosted by CNN on Tuesday night, the network writes.

While the Biden administration did not share further details of the trip, the president placed great emphasis on tackling the coronavirus epidemic and delivering COVID-19 aid. since he took the oath last month.

Since taking office, Biden has opted for virtual events and television interviews to sell his plan, and initially his helpers have been wary of traveling outside of Washington due to the pandemic. But Biden returned home to Delaware last weekend, and White House spokesman Jen Psaki noted that the president is flying a private jet – Air Force One – that will help reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Biden also received both doses of the vaccine and is constantly wearing a mask.

In 2020, Biden put Wisconsin at the center of his campaign, visiting the state three times, including in late October, when he visited Milwaukee just days before the election. Biden eventually turned the state over returned from red to blue, beating former President Donald Trump by about 20,000 votes.

The day Biden visits Wisconsin, February 16, is also the state’s spring election day., with only one state – level primary school – for an impartial superintendent of schools – on the ballot, along with more than 100 local pre – elections.

Biden’s CNN town hall will also overlap with a video message, Tony Evers, of the Democratic Government’s government, said he will simultaneously hand over his two-year state budget to GOP-controlled legislation that night.


Scott Bauer, AP writer in Madison, Wis., Contributed to this report.