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Bill Barr will not reuse the surveillance of the Russian investigation

"After General Barr's confirmation, senior career ethics officials have suggested that General Barr should not return to a special advisory study," said Kerri Kupec, spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, on Monday. "According to this advice, General Barr decided not to use it again."

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Before the Senate confirmed last month, Democrats expressed concern for a 19-page Barr author, who was described as an individual in June 2018, explaining why he believed Donald Trump's President, FBI Director James Comey's shot a year earlier, could not report an obstacle to justice. He had previously offered mixed opinions on Russian research, praising Mueller, but publicly criticizing the political donations made by the special advisory team to more Democrats.

Barr told the legislator that he was consulting with ethics officials about the issue of recognition, but he had not promised to follow the advice of the Russian probe.

Ethics officials have now cleared the lawyer to receive Mueller's confidential report at any time.

As previously announced by CNN, Barr is in close consultation with the senior officials of the Ministry of Justice on sketches of planned reports, including the extent to which Congress and the public should be shared.

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